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ALERT! Lautenberg now seeking to restrict Handloading & reloading #tcot #tlot #twisters

Senator Targets Gun Powders with Explosives ‘Background Check’ Law http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/05/08/New-Explosives-License-Impinges-on-Gun-Owners-that-Load-Own-Ammo ……. ”

An analysis of the text reveals profound changes to current law. Lautenberg’s changes in the explosives law would seriously hamper history reenactor hobbyists, black powder hunters, sportsmen, target shooters, and anyone that loads their own ammo with modern smokeless gun powder or the older style black powder. One change would require those that want to buy and store either smokeless powder or black powder to get a new license–at a rate of $50 every three years–to allow them to do so. The bill also says that they will only be allowed to have “limited” supplies but does not seem to say what amount would exceed those limits. Companies making pre-made ammunition are not required to obtain these licenses for now. The bill also redefines what “manufacturer” of explosives means. The original laws defines “manufacturer” as someone who is making explosives (cartridges, etc.) for sale. That commercial aspect of the law is struck out in the new bill. If Lautenberg’s anti- explosives bill passes, anyone that hand loads cartridges for their own use or anyone that uses black powder firearms for hunting, sporting, or hobby use will now be classified as “manufacturers.

” ….. * Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News *: S.792 Explosive Materials Background Check Act Revealed http://blog.predatorbdu.com/2013/05/s792-explosive-materials-background.html?m=1 RRD: I have no doubt that those unfamiliar with firearms will be puzzled as to why anyone would wish to Handload or Reload. See below: Handloading – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handloading …..”

Economy, increased accuracy, performance, commercial ammunition shortages, and hobby interests are all common motivations for handloading both cartridges and shotshells. Reloading fired cartridge cases can save the shooter money, or provides the shooter with more, and higher quality, ammunition within a given budget. Reloading may not be cost effective for occasional shooters, as it takes time to recoup the cost of the required equipment, but those who shoot on a regular basis will see benefit as the brass cartridge case or shotgun shell hull (the most expensive components) can be reused many times (with proper maintenance). Besides economy, the ability to customize the performance of ammunition is a common goal. Hunters may desire cartridges with specialized bullets or specific performance as regards bullet and velocity . Target shooters seek the best achievable accuracy, as well as the best shot-to-shot consistency. Shotgunning enthusiasts can make specialty rounds not available in commercial inventories at any price. Many handloaders also customize their cartridges and shells to their specific firearms, usually in pursuit of accuracy: they can assemble precision ammunition using cartridge cases that have been fire formed in the chamber of a specific firearm. [1][2] Handloaders also have the flexibility to make reduced-power rounds for hunting rifles, such as handloading to an equivalent of a milder- recoiling round to encourage recoil-averse hunters to become proficient with a full-power one. Rather than purchasing a special purpose rifle, which many novice hunters would outgrow within a few hunting seasons, a single rifle can be used with special handloaded rounds until such time more powerful rounds are desired & become appropriate. This use of specialized handloading techniques often provides significant cost savings, especially when a hunter in a family already has a full-power rifle and a new hunter in the family wishes to learn the sport. This technique also enables hunters to use the same rifle and caliber to hunt a wider variety of game. Collectors of obsolete firearms who want to shoot those guns often must handload because appropriate cartridges or shotshells are no longer commercially produced. Handloaders can also create cartridges for which no commercial equivalent exists – wildcat cartridges . [3] As with any hobby, the pure enjoyment of the reloading process may be the most important benefit. Recurring shortages of commercial ammunition are also reasons to reload cartridges and shotshells. When commercial supplies dry up, and store-bought ammunition is not available at any price, having the ability to reload one’s own cartridges and shotshells economically provides an ability to continue shooting despite shortages. There are three aspects to ballistics : internal ballistics , external ballistics , and terminal ballistics . Internal ballistics refers to things that happen inside the firearm during and after firing but before the bullet leaves the muzzle. The handloading process can realize increased accuracy and precision through improved consistency of manufacture, by selecting the optimal bullet weight and design, and tailoring bullet velocity to the purpose. Each cartridge reloaded can have each component carefully matched to the rest of the cartridges in the batch. Brass cases can be matched by volume, weight, & concentricity, bullets by weight and design, powder charges by weight, type, case filling (amount of total usable case capacity filled by charge), and packing scheme (characteristics of granule packing). In addition to these critical items, the equipment used to assemble the cartridge also has an effect on its uniformity/consistency and optimal shape/size; dies used to size the cartridges can be matched to the chamber of a given gun. Modern handloading equipment enables a firearm owner to tailor fresh ammunition to a specific firearm, and to precisely measured tolerances far improving the comparatively wide tolerances within which commercial ammunition manufacturers must operate. Where the most extreme accuracy is demanded, such as in rifle benchrest shooting , handloading is a fundamental prerequisite for success. [1] Insurgency and resistance groups, as well as military partisans, might also have need to handload cartridges and shotshells due to unavailability or scarcity of factory-produced commercial ammunition within particular jurisdictions, or under certain circumstances. Low quality of available factory ammunition, even without scarcity of ammunition, can also lead to the need for widespread fabrication of handloaded ammunition.

“….. Introduction to Handloading http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CFPage?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&&mode=article&objectID=32096&catID=&subcatID=0 Handloading | Guns Magazine http://gunsmagazine.com/category/handloading/

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Update, Manchin-Toomey isn’t as bad as we feared,it’s much much worse #2ndamendment #tcot #tlot #gunrights

The most through critique of the bill is presented by GAO’s legal counsel below. I thought to excerpt from it but–if the author is even remotely correct there are so many problems that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Problems – Gun Owners of America http://gunowners.org/congress04082013.htm Also see: Schumer-Toomey-Manchin Gun Control Legislation: Bad Law on Federal Gun Registry http://blog.heritage.org/2013/04/11/schumer-toomey-manchin-gun-control-legislation-bad-law-on-federal-gun-registry/ ……..”

The STM bill fuzzes up the law prohibiting a federal gun registry. First, the legislation says that nothing in the legislation shall be construed to allow establishment of a federal firearms registry. In addition, it says that the Attorney General may not consolidate or centralize records of firearms acquisition and disposition maintained by licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers, and by buyers and sellers at gun shows (and makes it a crime for him to do so). But then, the STM bill takes those protections away by using the all-powerful word “notwithstanding”—”notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this subsection with regulations.” The courts may construe the “notwithstanding” to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to issue regulations that could begin to create a federal registry of firearms, because the law says he can implement the subsection without regard to the protections against a registry elsewhere in the legislation. The courts view the word “notwithstanding” as very powerful. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in 1989 in Crowley Caribbean Transport v. U.S. in reference to the phrase “notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter” that “a clearer statement of intent is difficult to imagine” to push aside other laws. The same court indicated in 1991 in Liberty Maritime Corporation v. U.S. that a grant of authority to a department head to be exercised “notwithstanding” any other law generally grants the broadest possible discretion to the department head. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in 1992 in Conoco, Inc. v. Skinner took a somewhat different approach, in which the judges themselves divine the congressional intent whether to let the word “notwithstanding” in a law override other conflicting provisions of the same law.


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15yr old pro- #2ndamendment girl receives _suggestions_ that she be shot from gun control advocates

» 15 yr. old Maryland girl schooled legislators on gun control » News — GOPUSA

http://www.gopusa.com/news/2013/04/09/15-yr-old-maryland-girl-schooled-legislators-on-gun-control/?subscriber=1 ….”

Online suggestions that she and her family should be shot to teach her a lesson made her think that if she were presented with such a situation, she and her,family would be in a much better position to defend themselves if they had guns than if they didnt.


RRD: Given the love of innocent life &.; the respect for dissenting views demonstrated by many liberals this is hardly suprising.

Yes,they want us dead #tcot #twisters #tlot fightingstatism


NOT FUNNY!!!! Climate Change Activist Group Blow up Kids People in Commercial Warning Graphic – YouTube


My Response To Those Who Seek To Exploit The Giffords Tragedy #tcot #p2 #tlot #tpot #nomore | Glory to man in the highest


The Left’s Dangerous New Line of Attack_ SWATting – Katie Pavlich


Michelle Malkin More celebrities SWAT-ted; meanwhile, anti-Brett Kimberlin bloggers still under fire


#DingDong TheWickedWitchIsDead: Disgusting depravity continues over Margaret Thatcher’s death | Twitchy


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Obama pushes ahead with his plan to have CDC to fabricate “research” to justify his assault on the #2ndamendment #tcot #tlot #teaparty

Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward – The Hill http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/290885-obama-uses-executive-power-to-move-gun-control-forward ……”

The CDC has since awarded a contract to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which this spring will soon begin looking at the role video games and social media play in gun violence, as well as whether gun technologies and access to guns can be used to reduce violence. The aim is to affect future legislation by giving lawmakers empirical data on an area that has been largely bereft for nearly two decades. Without government research, gun control advocates say they are forced to rely on private studies, which do not hold the same clout on Capitol Hill. “You can’t make good policy without good data, and for a generation the NRA has been throwing dirt in the eyes of Congress so they can’t actually see what’s going on around them,” said Glaze.

”….. Obama Directs His Executive Power at America’s Gun Owners – National Review Online http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/337935/obama-s-directs-his-executive-power-america-s-gun-owners-timothy-wheeler …….”

Memories are short. It was only 15 years ago that Congress cut off federal funding for the Centers for Disease Control’s gun research. Top CDC officials such as Patrick O’Carroll, M.D., had said things like “We’re going to systematically build a case that owning firearms causes deaths. We’re doing the most we can do, given the political realities.” Nor was Congress pleased that the CDC had funded in the spring of 1995 a newsletter from the San Francisco gun-control group the Trauma Foundation. This newsletter advised “advocates” to “organize a picket at gun manufacturing sites” and to “work for campaign finance reform to weaken the gun lobby’s clout.” There’s no reason to believe the CDC will not again use taxpayer millions to pay for more anti-gun-rights pamphleteering

.”…….. RRD: Kill it. Defund it. The GOP controls the House & has the facts on its side. The gun control lobby does not want “good data” they wanted (& got ) government funded “brainwashing” ( to use Eric Holder’s term) that was precisely why that gang of propagandists was blocked from conducting their “research” . Any “research” that comes out of this should be thrown in the trash with the other garbage. It has no more validity than a ethnographic study of Jews carried out by Goebbels. One side note that will no doubt be regarded as irrelevant (since it is Obama & not Bush doing this): given that Congress explicitly forbade the CDC from conducting its “research” what legal justification is there for Obama to do this?

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Nightline “Orwellian” to recognize fact that gun registration preceded confiscation in Britain,Canada & Australia

Terry Moran Lashes Out at ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Orwellian’ Fears of Gun Owners | Media Research Center http://www.mrc.org/biasalerts/terry-moran-lashes-out-paranoid-orwellian-fears-gun-owners …..”TERRY MORAN: Stop scaring people? You’re scaring people with this Orwellian sense that black helicopters and the government if we register guns are going to confiscate Americans’ guns. That kind of paranoia fuels– ROVE: With all due respect, it is not paranoia. MORAN: Who’s going to confiscate all the guns in America? ROVE: People have a fear of this. Why do it? Why do you need it? MORAN: Lots of things are registered in the United States of America because they’re dangerous. Because we want to– ROVE: Do we register books? Do we register other things that are constitutional? MORAN: No we don’t. The result of this is the only votes, really, that have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control in America.”….. registration leads to confiscation | walls of the city http://www.wallsofthecity.net/2010/12/registration-leads-to-confiscation.html NRA-ILA | Canada: Where Gun Registration Equals Confiscation http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2000/canada-where-gun-registration-equals-c.aspx?s=canada+registration+confiscation&st=&ps RRD: How many times must we see the following pattern before we are permitted to recognize it? * Government officials say: “We don’t intend to confiscate anyone’s guns. We just want to know where they are so we can keep them out of the hands of criminals.” * Gun Rights activists: “You’re lying,gun regisration has preceded & enabled confiscation over and over again.” * Government official (Laughs) “Would you listen to this paranoid drivel,the idea that we are going to round up people & put them into death camps just because they own guns is absurd….” * Gun Rights activist “I haven’t said you’ll round people up into death camps I said you’ll confiscate ….” * Government official : “There are people seeking to spread lies about this wonderful common sense bill which aims to keep guns out of the hands of criminals & to prevent tragedies like ______ ,they are trying to claim that this bill is going to take away your guns ,this is a LIE. Read the bill,we even say explicitly in the bill in provision X that this regisration will never, ever ,ever ,ever under any circumstances ,now or in the future be used to confiscate your guns,you have my word. If I went back on this my career would be over ,I would be exposed as a liar. We have millions of law abiding gun owners in this country,does anyone (snickers) believe that we are going to round them all up? *The Bill is passed. * School shooting b takes place. * Provision X is hereby repealed . A swat team comes to your door to seize model x of your guns,comply or face ten years in jail. Government official We know you have that gun because it is listed on this regisration card. * Gun Rights activists “You lied!” * Government official: “I never said that we would not confiscate anyone’s guns”. And even if I did say what I never said, everything changed after the massacre. What are you some kind of dogmatist? RRD: The fact that some individuals,including some on the right,have not bothered to investigate the history of gun confiscation really does not mean that those of us who have been following this issue for years are obligated to indulge their ignorance. Nor are we obligated to invent rationalistic dream worlds where unicorns prance among the tulips or where government officials are honest instead of dishonest or are rights respecting instead of being power hungry criminals. And I do not believe that Moran is honest. ….” The result of this is the only votes, really, that have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control in America”…. RRD: Assuming that this is true,is it bad? Is gun control good? Why does Moran think that we should support “gun control”? What is “gun control”? Is it a law against supplying a gun to a convicted felon? Or to a innocent person? The two are not interchangeable.

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Obama’s grotesque,hypocritical view of ”rights” & civil liberties

Obama Promotes Constitutional Fallacies In Gun Control Push http://www.openmarket.org/2013/01/17/obama-promotes-constitutional-fallacies-in-gun-control-push/ RRD: Openmarket quotes the Washington Post before rebutting Obama’s argument,the whole piece is worth reading but I wish to add my own comments. ….”

In making his case Wednesday for tighter controls on gun ownership, President Obama turned to the document most often cited by firearms advocates in defense of gun rights — the Constitution. By doing so, Obama sought to turn a perceived political weakness — his image as an aloof intellectual — into a strength, and, at the same time, to turn a perceived strength of gun advocates — the constitutional right to bear arms — into a potential weakness. Citing a series of mass shootings, Obama listed several amendments, as well as the defining phrase of the Declaration of Independence, to argue that the right to bear arms should not compromise other rights. “We have the right to worship freely and safely — that right was denied to Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin,” Obama said at a midday event. “The right to assemble peacefully — that right was denied shoppers in Clackamas, Oregon, and moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado.” Obama added that “that most fundamental set of rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were “denied to college students at Virginia Techand high school students at Columbine and elementary school students in Newtown, and kids on street corners in Chicago on too frequent a basis to tolerate.” “All the families who never imagined they’d lose a loved one to a bullet, those rights are at stake,” he said. “We’re responsible.

” …… ……”

The Court noted in its Morrison decision that Constitutional rights only apply against the government, not other private individuals, so the federal government cannot rely on constitutional rights as a basis for regulating private — as opposed to governmental — conduct. It has to rely on a federal power specifically listed in the Constitution instead.

”……. RRD: According to at least two of his teachers Obama is a very bright man, but one unwilling to apply himself to the task of actually…well …learning. ( fn1 ) Increasingly though, I wonder if even that is true,as he keeps making arguments that aren’t particularly clever,even for a ignorant demagogue. For example it does not take a genius to note that if one were to apply this ”right to life” standard mentioned above ,in general ( rather than simply to the Second Amendment) that it would disembowel the Fourth & Fifth Amendments (& incidentally it is the same argument Bush used to deflect criticism of his counterterrorism policies) . Of course Obama doesn’t apply it to those other Amendments because to do so would incur the wrath of his base. Further evidence of Obama’s hypocrisy on this issue may be seen in the fact that the right to life standard does not apply to keeping our soldiers in Afghanistan to prevent a terrorist attack. ”

During an interview with Woodward in July, the president said, “We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger

”….. Obama overrode Generals on Afghanistan so that America could “absorb” a terrorist attack. #tcot #gwot #jcot – fightingstatism http://fightingstatism.posterous.com/obama-overrode-generals-on-afghanistan-so-tha RRD: So the ”right to life” standard does not apply to the victims of Al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks ( unless those attacks are carried out with guns of course,then they would provide us with a crisis too good to let waste). Given that Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan thinks that terrorism must not be allowed to ”define” or ”distort” our foreign policy this is hardly surprising. (fn2) Nor did this standard apply to the ”workplace violence” of Ft.Hood (fn3),which as horrific as it was must not be allowed to compromise our ”diversity ” (fn4) Nor of course did it apply to the victims of Fast And Furious.(fn5) Nor did it apply to Jane Sturm’s mother since she should take a pill & die (fn6). Nor did it apply to those who need Avastin (fn7). It applies only to disarming the innocent,(which of course would also cause deaths,but as Obama cares only about power, that does not concern him) Again I remain convinced that we are losing due to a inability to get our message out,not due to the invincibility of our enemies. Footnotes: See Mendell Obama from Promise to Power pages 46 & 60 Obama – David Mendell – Google Books http://books.google.com/books?id=rtBru4Nrpj8C&lpg=PP1&dq=david%20mendell&pg=PA61#v=snippet&q=teacher%20apply&f=false fn2 White House: ‘War on terrorism’ is over – Washington Times http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/aug/6/white-house-war-terrorism-over/print/ fn3 Video: Fort Hood massacre not considered a terrorist attack? « Hot Air http://hotair.com/archives/2012/10/19/video-fort-hood-massacre-not-considered-a-terrorist-attack/ fn4 General Casey: diversity shouldn’t be casualty of Fort Hood | Tales from the Trail http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2009/11/08/general-casey-diversity-shouldnt-be-casualty-of-fort-hood/

Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse

” fn5. Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up: Katie Pavlich: 9781596983212: Amazon.com: Books http://www.amazon.com/Fast-Furious-Bloodiest-Shameless-Cover-Up/dp/1596983213/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358184634&sr=8-1&keywords=katie+pavlich Katie Pavlich – Obama Smirks, Laughs Off Fast and Furious During Debate http://m.townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/10/16/obama_smirks_laughs_off_fast_and_furious_during_debate fn6 Obama:Take a pill instead of pacemaker /RE: Obama’s ”letters praising #Obamacare” #tcot #teaparty #tlot – fightingstatism http://fightingstatism.posterous.com/obamatake-a-pill-instead-of-pacemaker-re-obam fn7. FDA’s #Avastin decision is a #breastcancer patient’s worst nightmare Washington Examiner #obamacare #repealit #tcot #tlot – fightingstatism http://fightingstatism.posterous.com/fdas-avastin-decision-is-a-breastcancer-patie

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