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GTH G.H.W.Bush/George H.W. Bush: ‘Who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?’ The Hill’s

George H.W. Bush: ‘Who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?’ – The Hill’s On The Money


RRD:The man who betrayed Reagan’s legacy,supported gun control,broke innumerable promises,gave us Souter,demanded that Israel not respond to SCUD missile attacks so as to appease anti-semitic savages,betrayed Israel at Madrid,crawled into bed with the Saudis,dismissed the Fatwa against Rushdie as something Rushdie was milking as a publicity stunt
,spat in the face of the Ukranians with his ”Chicken Kiev” speech,called Saddam Hussein “worse than Hitler”,& then called for the Iraqis to rise up, and then gave permission to the man he called “worse than Hitler” to exterminate them,this wretch has now urged the GOP to do Obama’s bidding & raise taxes.Let me explain this to this disgrace of a man:Obama’s goal is to raise spending and then declare it is “irresponsible” not to raise taxes,spending will then be raised again with more “responsible” tax increases to follow,and on and on until everyone in this country is beggared while Obama’s successors live like the feudal royalty whom they secretly long to become.(Why do you think Democrats are so enamored with the idea of ”Camelot”).Norquist is buddy-buddy with Islamists and deserves to be damned for that ,but on this he is correct.

If the GOP wants to commit suicide then it should raise taxes,if it wishes to go the way of the Whigs(which it replaced) it should remain tied to the Bush royal family,if it wishes to survive it needs to embrace the Teaparty and what it stands for(at its best ,not its worst):That is, Limited Government and spending restraint.

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Perhaps not,I explain why/Who will Romney pick as veep? A conservative. – WashPo #2012 #GOP

Who will Mitt Romney pick as vice president? A conservative. – The Washington Post


RRD:Of course notwithstanding the delusions of some Romney supporters,Romney is not,in fact the nominee.
But he is the most likely nominee,and speculation on who he would nominate is legitimate.

Cillizza floats the standard three candidates:Jindal,Christie and Rubio,and he argues,(not without reason) that Romney will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors & pick a ”opposite number” so to speak.

I am not convinced of that.

First picking a Vice Presidential Candidate is not like picking out a shirt or a car,neither the shirt or the car can refuse to be picked,a Vice Presidential Candidate can.

They may not believe that the Presidential Candidate will win,or they may not be ready,or like Mitch Daniels,they have family members who may object.

Second,Romney is a creature of the establishment,& one of the oft repeated claims of Rockefeller Republican Strategists is that Mccain made a blunder in choosing Palin,not simply because she was a unknown,(or a “incompetent” or the Liberal’s version of the Whore of Babylon and Jezebel rolled into one et-al),but that he made a mistake simply by choosing ANY conservative,since Mccain needed to differentiate himself from Bush & demonstrate his ”Maverickyness” (as Palin,or Tina Fey might have put it),by picking someone like…Tom Ridge,or even Joseph Lieberman.
Now of course most Republicans would recoil at the thought of picking a pro-choice Republican for the Vice Presidency,but after all,
they ”would vote for a bag of cement if it had a R after it” &
“where will they go”.

Liberal Republican Strategists have invested heavily in the idea that Conservatism is toxic,and that elections are won “from the center”.

And who do you think is advising Mitt Romney?

But Mccain did pick a Conservative?

Yes and “look what happened”,the Liberal Republican Strategists(LRS?)would say.

If you accept the deluded notion that your base has no choice but to vote for the party’s candidate
,if you accept the premise that morale is irrelevant,& that the base is “locked in”,then why not do whatever you think will win over the independents and pick the most liberal Republican “Modernizer” you can(with the added benefit of poking those ”wingnuts” in eye ,while you’re at it), (fn1)

It is important to remember that Romney includes among his advisors some of the same people who worked for Charlie Crist.(fn2)
And it is also important to recall that Romney,is,well,Romney.

He is a Northeastern,Liberal Republican.

Romney is the type of person who would readily accept the arguments of the LRS’ that the base ”has nowhere to go”.
The man lives in a wholly different world than the,average Republican,much less the average Conservative.

He may pick a Conservative,or a pseudo-Conservative like Christie,or he may pick a Moderate.
Time will tell,if he gets the.nomination.
My guess is that he does not want to ”repeat Mccain’s mistake”.
I wonder if Tom Ridge,or Colin Powell for that matter,is open to being the nominee.



Murphy suggests Tom Ridge as VP.

First Bad Idea From Murphy in A While – National Review Online


To go forward, GOP must snap out of its Sarah Palin spell Mike Murphy – NY Daily News


”But facts are facts. An inexperienced governor of a small state, she lacked the experience to be President and brought nothing to the ticket except a surefire knack for exciting voters who were already reliably Republican. It was a strategically awful choice, and I said so – both on and off microphone – at the time. Most pundits thought I was wrong. Look at the crowds she can draw, I was told. She “excites the base.”

Phooey. Every presidential election year brings forth some new nugget of conventional wisdom from the media elite that totally misses the real picture. Last year, the big wrong idea was this notion that base voters have somehow become the new swing voters. We are now told the party base – those voters who will vote for a bag of cement if it has an R or D attached to it – must be carefully appealed to, romanced and appeased.

Under that funhouse reasoning, Palin was an inspired pick.”

RRD:Set aside for a moment what you think of Palin,note instead that Murphy believes that the party base ”will vote for a bag of cement if it has an R or D attached to it”;that is,that they do not care about who the candidate is,or what the candidate does,they are robots without political beliefs,without convictions,without ideals,without values,they are just useful idiots to be mocked,ignored,& betrayed with impunity & yet still be expected to go door to door,day after day,week after week,knocking on thousands of doors,making phone call after phone call,since they ”will vote for a bag of cement if it has an R …attached to it”.

I am reminded of the lines from Atlas Shrugged “Oh,you’ll always produce…”,& ”you’ll do something Mr.Rearden…”.
It also reminds me of the painting Ayn Rand mentioned in “The Money-Making Personality”,a monk,a missonary,returns from preaching the Gospel to the people,to speak with high ranking officials of the Catholic Church.His hands are bloody,cut,he has suffered tremendously for his beliefs.
He tells them of his struggle,and the results.
They are living in luxurious surroundings.
One of the Cardinals is asleep.
One of the Cardinals plays with a dog.
The third looks at the monk with a expression of bewildered contempt,as if to say “why spend your time on hard work,when you can have relax and have fun like we do”.


See below:

Romney Campaign Run by Charlie Crist’s Political Aides


RRD:For a contrary view see:

Romney’s Crist people aren’t really Crist people | Saint Petersblog


RRD:Rubio also came to Romney’s defense,rather oddly calling the man who gave us Romneycare, a “conservative”,(perhaps because Romney endorsed him?)

Rubio: “Mitt Romney Is No Charlie Crist” | The Weekly Standard


RRD:My view?
Yes,Romney has many advisors,including those who have worked on the campaigns of Crist AND Rubio,and yes the fact that these people are among his advisors, doesn’t mean that he will take their advice.
However they are,nonetheless,his advisors,and they did,in fact ,advise Crist,and while taken in isolation, the fact that he has ex-Crist advisors is not that damning in and of itself,we are talking about Mitt Romney;someone who is known for pandering to liberals,and for reversing himself,someone whose senoir campaign advisor made the infamous Etch-a-Sketch comment,and someone whose aides reportedly told Politico that they believe that Romneycare would help Romney in the general election.


Mitt Romney or not, GOP is coming for ‘Obamacare’ – Alexander Burns – POLITICO.com


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If Romney runs a ”civilized” campaign he will be practicing unilateral disarmament #2012 #tcot

Mitt Romney’s women problem – The Washington Post


…..”Nicolle Wallace, a Republican strategist, said Romney has the potential to make up his current deficit with women.

“Romney’s dip among women can be temporary if he stays focused on the economy and on running a smart, civilized campaign against Obama — something Romney is uniquely qualified to do much better than any of the other republicans still lingering,” said Wallace”…..

RRD:This fool knows nothing of the actual history of politics.
I actually lived through a number of campaigns in which Republicans actually won in the real world,I’m not sure which alternate timeline this woman comes from but negative campaigns do,in fact,work in our universe.

Reagan made no bones about tearing Carter and Mondale to shreds,either directly or through surrogates.

George H.W. Bush had his Willie Horton campaign,which was not something that the “smart people” thought was civilized.

It worked.

George W.Bush had Rove start a whisper campaign about Mccain’s adopted children,and he had no qualms about tearing Kerry to shreds.

Guess who won?

And the Democrats have had a run few negative campaigns here and there(sardonic understatement).

I seem to recall a girl plucking petals from a flower, & then a voice said :”These are the stakes! To make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die”

Fortunately LBJ took us to a world in which we all loved one another,and in which the the milk of human kindness flowed through the Mekong.

But I digress.

There are candidates who have accepted the objectively false claim that negative ads drive people to vote for your opponent.(Yes,people say they don’t like negative ads,but they still work)

Dole was one.
Mccain was another.

Meanwhile while Romney is running a stupidly “civilized” campaign,someone else will be practicing politics “the Chicago Way”,and planning to “punish his enemies and reward his friends”.
If you wish to see how effective this kind of unilateral suicide pact is, watch a video of the Democratic National Convention,when Mccain was gleefully savaged again and again,particularly by his ”friend” & fellow Veteran ,John Kerry.

No,I really don’t think Obama has much to fear.
Ms.Wallace is of a piece with Mr.Etch-a-Sketch’s advisors.

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This is ”inevitability”?!Romney loses to Santorum in Missouri & Minnesota.

RRD:To date the “inevitable” Mitt Romney has lost in Iowa(though by a very small margin),lost to Gingrich in South Carolina by a wide.margin,and now lost in Minnesota and Missouri(fn1).And he did this while outspending two candidates who are themselves not exactly “Reagan-Revisted”.
Outspending,by a wide margin.
What’s more,turnout was depressed in Florida,something which Romney surrogate Sununu says is GOOD for Romney(fn2).Gingrich counters that while he lost in Florida overall,in those districts he carried,turnout was up.(fn3).
No matter how you spin this,the “inevitability” argument is belied by the reality that Romney is flatly hated by a considerable portion of the GOP.
This is NOT a matter of being ”insufficiently conservative”(the Rockefeller Republican’s pet straw man).
Romney has flip flopped on all but his two worst positions:Global Warming & the Individual Mandate(on the state level).
On those he has been ”bad & steady”.
I doubt that the support for Gingrich,or Santorum is due to much other than sheer disgust with Romney.

The condescending mantra that Republicans ”will come around”,seems more & more reminiscent of the Left’s oft repeated claim that once we understand Obamacare,once Obama has delivered his upteenth speech on the matter,we would fall in love with it and him.

There IS a precedent for ramming a nominee down the GOP base’s collective throat –while believing that this was a path to victory–under the premise of “where will they go”.
It was 2008.

How did that work out?
Oh,wait,the problem was Palin.
Mccain needed (pro-choice )Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman to get the Independents.The base?(snickers) Where will they go?Screw em.We don’t need to worry about them.They’ll take whatever garbage we shovel down their throats.
But the independents,oh we need those luscious independents.
And they won’t go for a Conservative like Reagan…What’s that..Reagan won in a landslide?
A fluke.
The independents won’t vote for someone unlike Romney,who doesn’t believe in Global Warming…Most independents don’t believe in Global Warming?
Well then the independents won’t vote for someone who opposes the Individual Mandate &..They oppose the Individual Mandate too?

You see the Republicans can’t win with someone who is even AS CONSERVATIVE as the average American,but Democrats,by contrast,can easily win with someone who:

1.Who can’t get unemployment below the 8% level (which he said unemployment would never even rise to,to begin with),

2.Who taught the methods of a communist who dedicated his book to lucifer(Alinsky)

3.Whose self-described spiritual adviser,(fn4)responded to 9/11 by screeching calls for damnation upon his own country.

Yet Republicans cannot win with anyone whose views on Global Warming & the Individual Mandate are the same as those of the general electorate.

Odd that.



Santorum gets boost with wins in Missouri and Minnesota – The Hill’s Ballot Box



Sununu: Low turnout means GOP satisfied – The Hill’s Ballot Box





(Obama said Wright was like family to him,he was ”a part of” Obama)

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Gingrich “Every county I carried had an increase in turnout over last time,” “Every county Romney carried had a decrease in turnout over last time.”

….”But Gingrich on Sunday put the low turnout squarely on Romney’s shoulders.

“Every county that I carried had an increase in turnout over last time,” Gingrich said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Every county that Gov. Romney carried had a decrease in turnout over last time.”

NBC News later verified that Gingrich’s assessment of the turnout situation was accurate.”…

Sununu: Low turnout means GOP satisfied – The Hill’s Ballot Box


RRD:Also Sununu believes low primary turnout is good.He isn’t alone in promoting this type of “everything is good for Romney” fantasy.See below:

AFP: Long primary battle could help Romney build support


…..”A drawn-out fight for the Republican nomination could work to frontrunner Mitt Romney’s advantage if he uses it to develop his campaign structure in swing states key to beating President Barack Obama in November.

That’s what happened in 2008, when Obama built a formidable organization that registered hundreds of thousands of new voters and signed up an army of volunteers during his own long primary battle with Hillary Clinton.”..

RRD:You see,Romney’s inability to “seal the deal” will help him,because it will make him create a grassroots….

Wait,isn’t the fact that Romney can’t “close the deal”(he lost overwhelmingly in South Carolina,)due to the fact that he is hated by the very people he needs for grassroots turnout in 2012?How then will their hatred of him help him to mobilize them on his behalf?And couldn’t he just turn his attention to building a grass roots operation earlier if he won the nomination earlier?
And the same was true of Obama.Obama did not benefit from having to fight Clinton.He was not harmed because of his overwhelming,(cult like)support among Democrats,but he did NOT benefit.
On a related point:If Romney gets the nomination,he will be the first to do so who DID NOT win S.Carolina in 30 some years.To put that in perspective it would be the first time that happened in my lifetime.
Of course many things have happened for the first time in my lifetime.But it would still be unusual.

But don’t worry,the anti-romney base may not THINK they will vote,&/or be energized,but what do they know.

….”Things will likely change in November, when conservatives who have rallied around calls to make Obama a one-term president have a chance to vote him out of office, said Larry Jacobs, a politics professor at the University of Minnesota.

“I don’t think you’re going to need Newt Gingrich to turn out those people,” he told AFP.

“They’re so antagonized by the Obama presidency that they’re guaranteed to turn out.”….

RRD:Yeah like in 2008,as Mccain snickered “Where will they go”.
I remember 2008 very clearly.
Most people I knew on the right argued and believed that we could not survive FOUR years of Obama,much less 8.
The problem?
It is very difficult to campaign for a ”Morale Vampire”(i.e. John Mccain and Romney).
Mccain spent much of the end of the campaign telling us how wonderful Obama was.
He was a ”good man”,”we had nothing to fear from him” etc.
And when he lost,he told us that Obama was his “leader”(& by extension ours).

How many times will Rockefeller Republicans spit in our face before November,having made themselves smugly ”secure” by the “Where will they go” chant?

If Romney is nominated it will be their opportunity to drop their veneer of conservatism and finally let us know what they really think of us.
We already see this in the gratuitous insults:

Coulter believes people who oppose Romney are not ”normal” – fightingstatism


And in the gleefully sadistic condescension directed against Conservatives:

PJ Media » Resigning Yourself to Romney: A Guide for the Disgruntled


This is not the writing of someone who supports someone (e.g. Romney)because they believe he is the lesser of two evils.
This is the triumphant sneer of the passive aggressive con artist who relishes giving his victim the finger, while putting on a “all innocent” expression.
It is the sneering triumph of a enemy over a humiliated foe.

If someone wished to endorse–or support Romney–there is a very simple way for a honest person to do so:

“Romney is horrendous,but I don’t think we can survive another Obama term”

Full Stop.
One does not need to spit in the face of Romney’s opponents by telling us that Romneycare was a ”triumph” for free market medicine,as that lying hypocrite Coulter did.

Three Cheers for Romneycare:


Nor does one need to sneer triumphantly as has this Belladona Rogers creature does.
No there is something else going on here.
And it ain’t pretty.
We are winnowing the wheat from the chaff.
By this I don’t mean that all Romney supporters are “chaff”,but disingenous supporters are.Romney shills are.
There are good people who support Romney as the ”lesser of two evils”.
But they are honest & upfront.
Coulter isn’t.
Rodgers isn’t.
They are liars & frauds.

This has indeed been a very revealing year.

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The ”electability” canard.Why the Polls of today don’t matter.

RRD:One of the most oft repeated arguments for Romney(just as it was for Mccain)is the “electability” argument.
Or as I call it:the “electability myth”.
The myth is not that there is no such thing as real,actual electibility,with the flip side being that “anyone can win”.

The myth is that a candidate’s electibility can be determined nine months in advance of a election.

People who have no qualms about saying that ”the Teaparty will just have to fall in line”,nine months in advance of the election,in defiance of the Teaparty’s current ”anyone but Romney” stance,
will nevertheless treat today’s polling data showing Romney as electable,(& conversely showing Gingrich,Paul,Santorum as unelectable) as if it was the Law of Conservation of Energy.
Something that is immutable.
The moods & whims of the ”undecideds” are afforded similar awe.
One wonders why we should bother having elections at all?
Why not just take a poll on the day of the nominating convention & declare whoever leads as President?
Any Pollster worth his salt will tell you that you cannot predict the outcome of a election months in advance,(or even weeks ,if it is remotely close),but all that gets tossed out the window by the Rockefeller Republicans who claim that they would like to be ”pure”,but alas,”elections are won in the center”.

The actual motive behind many of the ”Romney is electable” mantras(fn1) is to dismiss anyone not LEFT OF CENTER as unelectable (both Mccain & Romney were left of center on Global Warming,Romney is additionally left of center on the Individual Mandate).
Having lost the philosophical argument,Rockeffeller Republicans have adopted a new “practical” argument:”Elections are won from the center”.Except that their “centrists” keep going down in flames.(Murkowski and some others being notable exceptions).
Carly Fiorina was supposed to be ”electable”.Along with Meg Whitman.Along with Arlen Specter,(versus the unelectable,since elected Sen.Pat Toomey.)
”Obamacan” Charlie Crist(whose advisors are now advising Romney)
was a supposedly unbeatable candidate,versus the ”nice,but unelectable” Sen.Rubio.
The result?
Crist,a pathological liar & flip flopper,hated by the base,lost the nomination & RAN AS A Independent,and,in what must be the most brazen act of narcissism outside of the White House, instructed his Democratic opponent to ”be unselfish” & drop out of the race.(His opponent,Meek,displayed more self-respect & courage than some ”conservatives” who have shilled for Romney & basically told Crist,& probably also Bill Clinton if the rumors are true, to go to hell).

I do not trust polls.Particularly when they are nearly a year in advance of the elections.
This does not mean that a honest person cannot look at the polls and conclude that Romney is the candidate who is most likely to beat Obama.But they cannot treat their extrapolation as if it were a fact of nature.Nor can they say that ”Since the polls say, that IF the election were held today,Gingrich etal would lose”,therefore ”Gingrich etal CAN’T win”,because the ELECTIONS ARE NOT BEING HELD TODAY.You cannot know what people will do if given the choice,in the real world,of GOP candidate X vs Obama.
You can make guesses & projections,but THAT IS ALL YOU CAN DO.A ”hypothetical matchup” does not take into account:debates between the Republican and the Democrat,errors or gaffes by the candidates,the effect of ads that have yet to run,(both positive & negative),real & invented scandals.
Anyone who claims to know the outcome of a election,with certainty,is a liar or a fool.
One can make predictions about the outcome.
But one cannot anoint candidate X as ”the only candidate who can beat Obama”.
Teaparty members,Libertarians,Conservatives & Objectivists should take any claims of ”electability” with a grain of salt.
They should not dismiss them,but they should scrutinize them carefully to see if they have a rational justification.They should also study the history of elections to gain context on some of these claims.


1.Not all.But when you have “Progressive” Republicans,and establishment Republicans consistently predicting defeat for Toomey,Rubio,Reagan etc while ignoring the fact that Fiorina,Ford,Dole,G.H.W.Bush & Mccain went down in flames, it is legitimate to question whether they are ”just interested in winning”, or whether they want Rockefeller Republicans whether they win or lose.

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Time to Purge the #GOP #RINO #tcot #tlot #teaparty #tpot

Time to Purge the Republican Party Jan 18, 2012


…”Most Republicans protest that this isn’t the right time for a purge. They hope that opposition to Obama will unite Republicans around a Paper Republican. The problem with this logic is that it always justifies a Paper Republican candidate, because the Democrats will invariably run somebody worse. And Paper Republicans don’t help matters. The Republican Party has, for the last half-century, consolidated liberal gains and trimmed around the edges. The result has been an unstoppable juggernaut of government growth and the loss of traditional American freedoms. The Paper Republican experiment has been a dramatic failure for conservatives.

We are now at a crisis point. More Democratic rule is the highway to hell; more Paper Republican rule is the slow road to the same destination. It’s time for the Republican Party to present a true conservative alternative. Anything else is suicide by inches.”…

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Obama’s secret weapon: #RINOS

“Obama’s Atomic Bomb: The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda” by John David Lewis   http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2009-fall/obamas-atomic-bomb.asp   

“Whereas Bush’s image as a free-market capitalist was a mirage, Obama’s image as a radical leftist is accurate. Obama’s great vulnerability is that a silent majority of American voters will see this, and will recognize that he does not share either their values or their vision of what America was and should be……” This is the clarity that Obama has brought to the American political scene. To see a president’s clear and principled commitment to an ideology—any ideology—is precisely what America has needed for decades. …. Although a large portion of the protesters remains confused about the principles at stake, an increasing number are gaining clarity. They are coming to see the Democratic proposals for health-care “reform,” for instance, not as a matter of new programs backed by good intentions, but as an attack on individual rights and an effort to impose a dictatorship—as signs at tea parties attest. And many are beginning to see that the Republicans as well have been guilty of such attacks. …..For three generations now, America has needed a blunt confrontation with the policies that have been leading the nation toward dictatorship and into bankruptcy. Such confrontations were stillborn in 1940, 1964, and 1980 because in each case Republicans failed to stand up, on principle, for capitalism, liberty, and individual rights. Republicans repeatedly collapsed into the quicksand of compromise and accepted the welfare state principles of their opponents while arguing about the “proper” amount of government coercion they would enact. The trend toward statism continued, because the incremental steps accepted by Republicans obscured the stark difference between America’s founding vision and its statist future. Obama has given active-minded Americans a close-up view of this future. His vision—a government bureaucracy to administer medicine, an environmental agency to shackle industry, and the institutional mechanisms for bringing the government into the most intimate details of our lives—is where we have been headed for decades.” ….    …. “But the issue is not yet closed. The Democrats have one last resource—one secret weapon—with which they can save their plans while avoiding political suicide in the next election. That weapon is the Republicans. If the Republicans compromise—if they accept federally -mandated health insurance in the guise of a “co -op” or the like, or a cap -and -trade bill that is marginally less draconian than the Democratic version—they will have once again capitulated to their opponents, abandoned liberty, and ruined the opportunity to redirect this nation toward its founding moral principle: individual rights, protected under a constitution in a free republic. …..   RRD:And that is exactly what will happen if we nominate a Liberal like Romney,or(on the Individual Mandate and Global Warming) Newt Gingrich.

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My responsa to a Rockfeller Republican re:”Holding our nose,& voting for Romney”


RRD:I posted this comment:   The PJ Tatler » Why ‘Anyone but Romney’ Voters Should Hold Their Noses and Think Big  http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2011/10/31/why-anyone-but-romney-voters-should-hold-their-noses-and-think-big/?singlepage=true   “I’m relieved to hear this,it means that you won’t need my vote on November 4th.Which is good,because you will never get it.I,for my part will be starting a third party,because if, after his support for the Individual Mandate(on the state level),and Cap and Trade,Romney gets the nomination,then you can stick a fork in the GOP,because its done.It would never rise to anything other than Democratic Party-lite.And we do not need “anyone but Obama”.I went through this “electibility” nonsense with John Mccain in 2008.I will not pretend that a conservative “just can’t get elected”,the truth of the matter is that Rockefeller Republicans don’t want Romney because “he can win”,they have routinely supported RINOS like Crist and Castle &  Dede Scozzafava & Bennett.This isn’t about “electability”,its about the ideological direction of the party.”

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An open letter to Sen.John McCain concerning Christine O’Donnell,Hobbits,& the debt ceiling.

RRD:I recently read your latest comments regarding the debt ceiling debate;specifically regarding Christine O’Donnell.Since you are confused on this–as on so many other things–I thought I would clear up your misperceptions(or your lies) on this issue.     You are quoted in The Hill as saying:    ….”This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees”….     GOP ponders debt repercussions – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room   http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/174433-gop-ponders-whether-debt-fight-hurts-party     The Hill goes on to note:    …”’Some Republicans blame those weak candidates, elected as Tea Party favorites in GOP primaries, helped the party lose a chance at winning control of the Senate.”….    RRD:Let me explain basic math to such people.    If the GOP had won in Delaware with Mike Castle,that would have given them one seat.   If the GOP had picked up Nevada that would have given them one seat.   If the GOP had picked up Colorado that would have given them one seat.  1+1+1=3  The GOP was 12 seats short.It is now 6 votes short.If the GOP had not nominated Angle,Buck or O’Donnell–& had won all three races–it would still be three seats short.   This means that the GOP would not have won control of the Senate.     Now let us turn to the other races:   Carly Fiorina–whom you endorsed over Chuck Devore,the Hobbit’s choice–was exactly the sort of RINO who was supposed to win.(As opposed to that silly Devore).She lost 52/42 to BARBARA (Ah!But Devore would have lost by even more,at least with Fiorina we LOST BY TEN POINTS!YAY!)    By contrast Hobbits(fn1):Ron Johnson,Rand Paul,Mike Lee,Pat Toomey,and Marco Rubio won their races.   Paul,Toomey,Rubio & Lee were not the establishment picks.    Lindsey Graham declared that Toomey could not win.  Orrin Hatch said(fn2):    ….”I don’t think there is anybody in the world who believes he can get elected senator there,” ….. “Asked if the NRSC would back Toomey, Hatch said, “I don’t think so” and that the party should look for “someone who can win there.”[RRDIn the same article Graham suggested Ridge] …. “Hatch later equivocated and said, “I’m not saying he can’t win —nobody gave me a chance when I ran.”    Indeed the NRSC(the National Republican Senatorial Committee) backed Specter,who switched to the Democrats–and in the end–could not beat Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination.    Crack political thinking Mccain?    Then there’s Rubio.You remember Rubio,Senator Mccain?You endorsed the “Obamacan” Charlie Crist to reward him for endorsing you in 2008.Some believe that he betrayed Giuliani in the process(fn3).But that shouldn’t disturb your code of “honor”.After all,it does permit you to do “whatever’s necessary to win”.(fn4) Against Republicans that is.    But I digress.   In any event,after the NRSC endorsed Crist over Rubio(it’s almost unheard of for the NRSC to endorse a candidate unless they are the incumbent for that seat),the Hobbits gave Rubio the nomination.Crist then declared himself a independent candidate,& in a amazing display of narcissism,demanded the Democrat Kendrick Meek drop out of the race.   Marco Rubio,who “could not win”–according to the “crack political thinking” of the NRSC–won 48% to 29% for Crist,& 20% for  Meek.    Having gotten the “Those tricksy Hobbits cost us cost us control of the Senate”,canard out of the way,let us turn to the underlying assumption:i.e. Hobbits/Tea Partiers care about whether Republicans win elections.   We don’t.   We care about whether Obamacare is repealed.   We care about whether The United States Of America,collapses into Weimar Germany,replete with hyperinflation and mass unemployment.   What we do not care about is the Republican Party.The Republican Party is at best,a useful tool for achieving our goals.At worst,it is a obstacle or a threat.If it cannot be reformed then it will need to be replaced.   Let’s take the case of Mike Castle.Castle,would,in all likelihood,have cruised to a easy victory over Democrat Chris Coons.Delaware IS a bluish state.Yet,knowing this,I & others waged a crusade to help O’Donnell defeat Castle.Indeed,I went further & vowed to help Coons defeat Castle,if Castle got the nomination.   Now why would I do that?   Answer:Why does a chess player sacrifice a rook,or a knight,to checkmate his opponent.(Or to protect his King or Queen?)  The answer is;because he understands that the goal is winning the game.Not preserving a particular chess piece.  Except that the “game”  in this case is not a game.And the goal is not giving the Republicans control of the Senate.  Republicans had control of the House,the Senate,& the Presidency.  What did they do with it?  Under the Rovian strategy(fn5) of “compassionate conservatism” (which was neither),they added massively to our debt,and planned to adopt a neo-conservative philosophy of social welfare spending and social conservatism.   The problem with Mike Castle was not that he was “impure”,or even that he was a RINO.Nor even–as Christine O’Donnell called him–a “Super-Rino”. He wasn’t. He was a Mega-RINO.(In order:Super,Hyper,Mega)   This is a man who was one of two Republican votes,(not two in the House.TWO.Out of hundreds)to vote for the insane DISCLOSE act(fn6).The DISCLOSE act,which was supposedly intended to “merely” require the disclosure of campaign donations,in fact was closer to a 21st century version of the Alien and Sedition act.It was discrimatory against new political groups(read Tea party groups),placed few restrictions on unions,and was written in a way to permit harrassment of bloggers and to destroy online anonymity. In short it was a effort to censor,& to destroy the Tea Party. What on earth would possess me to support my enemy?   Losing the Delaware Senate seat was more than compensated for,by the message it sent to other ,more “normal” RINOS:There is a line,and you cross it–even if it costs us the seat–you’re gone.    And that,Senator Mccain,is what you didn’t get in 2010,what you don’t get in 2011,and what you will probably never get.  So,why then am I writing this to you?  I’M NOT.  Open Letters are often used as a rhetorical device.   I’m writing this for anyone whose mind is open to my argument.    fn.1   On a side note the question must be raised as to whether your insistence on singling out the Hobbits for condemnation(when in fact,the hobbits were only one of several races battling Mordor,e.g.Dwarves,Elves,Men etc.) implies anti-hobbitism on your part.Have you considered that your anti-hobbit views might be explained by MicroAnthropophobia?You might wish to consult a mental health professional on this matter.     fn2   Hatch: Toomey has no shot in Pa. – Manu Raju – POLITICO.com  http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0409/21869.html      fn3.   It is rumored that Crist promised his support to Giuliani,& then switched because of some more promising bribe offered by Mccain.     fn4.   McCain: I don’t change my positions « Hot Air   http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/20/mccain-i-dont-change-my-positions/    “Well, I don’t know. But I’ve always done whatever’s necessary to win,”    fn5  This strategy,which Rove had worked out so very cleverly,and which was supposed to lead to a 50 yr reign of the GOP,collasped in 2006 due to the mismangement of the war in Iraq and the abandonment of the Republican party by the group of Republican voters now known as the Tea Party(or the hobbits). What Rove did not understand is that voters have free will.     fn6    theneointellectual: Why Mike Castle must be defeated whatever it takes #tcot #teaparty #DESEN   http://theneointellectual.blogspot.com/2010/09/why-mike-castle-must-be-defeated.html     theneointellectual: Jay Cost’s argument for Castle is flawed #tcot #DESEN   http://theneointellectual.blogspot.com/2010/09/jay-cost-argument-for-castle-is-flawed.html                  This blog post is protected by copyright under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial,Non-Derivative License 3.0   Copies made be made(in addition to the terms of Fair Use)so long as they are for Non-Commercial use,& derivative works are not made.         
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