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As I expected Filibuster “reform” is again being used as a threat to speed the appointment of Obama’s Judges,McCain reaches across aisle to his ”friends” to speed appointment of Obama’s judges #tcot #tlot #teaparty

Read The McCain-Levin Bipartisan Filibuster Reform Plan | TPM LiveWire http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/read-mccain-levin-bipartisan-filibuster-reform-plan …..”

The proposal would permit the majority leader to bypass motions to begin debate on legislation and in return guarantee the minority party two amendments. It would also increase the number of judicial nominations that can be expedited.


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Americans for Prosperity & Heritage attack Boehner’s counteroffer #tcot #twisters #RINO

Conservative groups lash out at GOP’s ‘fiscal cliff’ counteroffer – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/270761-conservative-group-unhappy-with-gop-fiscal-cliff-counteroffer …“Republicans were reelected in the House to stop Pres. Obama’s agenda, not figure out creative ways to fund it,” Dan Holler, communications director for Heritage Action for America, a sister organization of the Heritage Foundation, told The Hill in an email. And Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group partially funded by the billionaire Koch brothers, said the GOP offer “left conservatives wanting.” “The President’s proposal and Speaker Boehner’s counteroffer fail to seriously deal with the reality of the problems facing the nation,” Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips said in a statement. “Conservatives are looking for a leader to fight against tax increases, to push back against wasteful government spending, and address the fiscal challenges in a bold way. Sadly this plan leaves conservatives wanting.”……. …..”Speaker Boehner’s counteroffer today offers disappointingly small spending reductions,” AFP’s policy director James Valvo continued in the statement. “After immediately giving in to higher taxes following the election, the Speaker has now followed up by pulling the best parts of the House budget off the table. The only way to solve the nation’s fiscal woes is to reform the runaway entitlement programs and government spending. It is disturbing that this proposal may give up the entire FY2013 spending reductions agreed to in the BCA.”…..

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Another #RINO #Obamacare apologist comes out of the woodwork @Amspec #tcot #tlot #teaparty

RRD:And yes they run articles against it.

Repealing Healthcare Is a Losing Hand William Tucker


…”But now that Obama has won, people are saying, “Wow, he gotten done this thing that Presidents since Truman have been trying to do. He must be pretty competent. And it sounds like I might be getting something out of it as well.”….

RRD:Why are these lies being published in the American Spectator?Don’t they have the Washington Post for this garbage?
Actually no,William the media have been shilling for Obama since BEFORE OBAMACARE WAS PASSED.And no,(as you know William),”people” aren’t saying that Obama has got something done,liberals are saying that,Independents oppose this.

As to the argument that the “undecided” voters,(some of whom never decide even at the ballot box),who have allegedly decided to support Obamacare
will decide this election,if Romney believes this,let him say so.After all the base will support him whether he repeals it or not.So he can reach out to these voters Tucker invented & let them go door to door for him.

….”So the attitude, to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, will be, “Let’s not repeal this thing before we find out what’s in it. Let’s wait and see what happens”….

RRD:Actually no again,though perhaps Tucker thinks that if he can
BS us enough we’ll forget that.

….”It is all those people who had never heard of the Tea Party who are going to decide the election.”…

RRD:People have not heard of the Teaparty?Then why do media outlets conduct polls to see what people think of the Teaparty?This is absurd.

…. ”whether it is putting a 25-year-old child on the parents’ health insurance or expanding Medicaid up into the middle class or whatever — people are not going to vote for a candidate who is promising to take it away.”…..

RRD:And yet they are.

”That’s why Mitt Romney’s initial response — “I will repeal Obamacare” — is a loser, pure and simple.”

RRD:Actually abandoning his pledge would destroy his candidacy,& possibly destroy the GOP along with him,& lead to the creation of a third party.

”It won’t be long before CNN and USA Today are running articles asking, “What is Obamacare going to do for YOU?” ”

RRD:In keeping with his theme of evading reality in the hope that we will forget it exists,we are supposed to pretend that the media has not been doing this since BEFORE OBAMACARE WAS PASSED to no avail.

…”Republicans can win this election by talking about how Obama has ruined the economy and vowing to put the nation back to work. They won’t be able to win by promising to repeal Obamacare.”….

RRD:Ah yes,the Obamacare apologists’ false alternative.
Either the GOP runs on the economy or on repealing Obamacare.
It must run on both or die politically.

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Jeb Bush thinks we’ve got too much “purity”,too little debt,& too low taxes

Jeb Bush: Reagan ‘would have a hard time’ in today’s GOP – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room


…“Ronald Reagan would have,based on his record of finding accommodation, finding some degree of common ground, as would my dad — they would have a hard time if you define the Republican party — and I don’t — as having an orthodoxy that doesn’t allow for disagreement, doesn’t allow for finding some common ground,” Bush said at the headquarters of Bloomberg LP in Manhattan, according to remarks reported by Buzzfeed.

…”According to Buzzfeed, Bush said he thought the rigid and highly charged political atmosphere was “disturbing” but “temporary.”

“Back to my dad’s time and Ronald Reagan’s time — they got a lot of stuff done with a lot of bipartisan suport,” he said, adding that Reagan “would be criticized” for reaching across the aisle today.

…”The former Florida governor also said Monday that the deficit deal his father helped craft more than two decades ago helped spur economic growth, even though his father lost his bid for a second term after breaking his “no new taxes” pledge.”…

RRD:Sure,Jeb,a man who spoke of America’s greatness(& meant it),cut taxes,rebuilt the “Hollow Military”,made deals with Democrats but regretted them,denounced the idea of detente,someone who left the Democratic Party “because it left him”,someone who spent years on the lecture circuit & coined some of the most oft repeated expressions of conservative thought would have a hard time getting the nomination.

This is said at a time when the standard bearer of the GOP is the man who created the prototype for Obamacare.

In fact Jeb a New Reagan is something Conservatives have been seeking desperately,everywhere,
in everyone from your father–who betrayed Reagan–to your brother G.W.Bush to Palin to Scott Brown to Allen West to Marco Rubio to you.
It is like pursuing a mirage of a Oasis that disappears as soon as it is in your grasp.
Of those listed only Rubio,and perhaps West,come close.

No,Jeb Reagan would be welcomed by Conservatives,but he would be scorned by your father,and Murkowski,& other RINOS and CINOS.

Just as he was scorned by Gerald Ford and your father.

You do remember that Ford called Reagan a “extremist”,don’t you Jeb.

Google does remember Jeb(fn1)

It took a great deal of time and effort to find that story.

I went to Google,typed the keywords “Reagan” “Gerald Ford” and “extremist” and Behold! the past comes back to life!

And then there’s this:

The American Spectator : Newt Battles Mush From the Wimps


…. ”Ford went on at length in this March 1980 Times interview, digging moderate Republicans an even deeper political hole in 1980 than the one they were already in thanks to Dewey and the GOP Establishment. Assured the latest moderate GOP icon of the day:

“Every place I go and everything I hear, there is growing, growing sentiment that Governor Reagan cannot win the election…. I hear more and more often that we don’t want, can’t afford to have a replay of 1964 [the Goldwater defeat by LBJ].”

The Times reporter wrote the rest of the Ford interview story this way:

Asked if he shared the view that Mr. Reagan could not win, Mr. Ford said “it would be an impossible situation” because Mr. Reagan is “perceived as a most conservative Republican.”

“A very conservative Republican,” he said, “can’t win in a national election.”

Meaning [asked the reporter] that Mr. Reagan can’t win?

“That’s right,” replied Mr. Ford. ”….

And Jeb what of your daddy(don’t you remember him Jeb?).

Didn’t he call the center-piece of Reagan’s economic platform ”Voodoo Economics”

…”It just isn’t going to work, and it’s very interesting that the man who invented this type of what I call a voodoo economic policy…

George Herbert Walker Bush.

Speech at Carnegie Mellon University (10 April 1980)”

But let us set aside Jeb’s imaginary Reagan whose goal was ”finding accommodation”& “finding some degree of common ground”
& returning to our timeline–the one where the Earth revolves aound the Sun,and where the South lost the Civil War–let us parse the meaning of this shibboleth “working with others to find bipartisan solutions”.

When Jeb Bush speaks of “finding accommodation” & “finding some degree of common ground” what he means is that the Republicans should collaborate with the Democrats(again) to spend us into bankruptcy,placing our descendents into debt,all to bribe short sighted voters into voting for them,and then later to declare that since “we have so much debt it’s just gosh darn irresponsible not to raise taxes”

But what of ”spending cuts”?

What Jeb Bush(& politicians in general) mean by ”spending cuts” is very different from what sane,honest people mean by
term.Sane,honest people think of someone who spends $100 on something,and then spends $80 on it,thereby cutting
the amount they spend by $20.This is not how our wise leaders think.
They think that when they add less to the debt then they had originally wanted to add to the debt that that constitutes a “savings” “cutting spending”. (ala Dicken’s Richard Carstone in Bleak House ) (fn2)
(Indeed,it constitutes”real cuts”, “massive,painful cuts”,”cuts on the backs of the poor” etc )

To grasp the absurdity of our situation imagine the following:

Imagine you were left your family’s restaurant by your parents,(As you were the “responsible one”).
Imagine that your brother had behaved foolishly with his life & insulted you in the past,but committed no major sin(he never stole)

Imagine that you accepted your brother’s apologies,and accepted his claim to have matured.

Imagine that you decide to entrust your brother with a job,and then one day with the task of taking the money of the family restaurant to the bank,(since you must attend to a emergency).

Imagine that instead of taking it to the bank,he absconds with the money to Las Vegas & spends it on drugs,prostitutes,and roulette.

Imagine that he then comes up with a brillant idea:he will forge your signature and put the family deli up as collateral to a loan shark,and then use that money to make up the money he lost gambling and make millions more to boot,by
gambling some more.
After signing your property over to a Chinese gangster named Mr.Gòngchǎn Zhōngguó
He then tries to figure out why he lost at roulette.He figures out what the problem is.He’s unlucky!To solve this problem he decides to buy a lucky rabbit’s foot,whose magic powers will enable him to win at roulette.

Imagine that the roulette wheel is unmoved by the rabbit’s foot powers of persuasion.

Imagine that He then comes to you and tells you the following:

1.”It doesn’t matter who is to blame for this situation,there is no point in pointing fingers,or in assigning blame.”

2.”Life isn’t fair to me.”

3.”You must work with the mobsters to give them a cut of our business.I say our business since we’re all in this together,and since you and mom and dad cheated me out of my share of the family business by refusing to leave it equally to both of us.”

4.”If you don’t work with the mobsters and share,YOU will be to blame for what happens to me.”

4.He then quotes Cain from the Bible:”Cain said ‘I am not my brother’s keeper’,do you wish to be like a murderer like Cain?What’s more,not only does the Bible say it, but(even more importantly!) President Obama says that “we are our brother’s keeper’ too!”

You answer:

1.If I were Cain you would be dead in the ground.Cain’s sin was envy and murder.

2.I am not your servant because of a offhand comment made by a ancient murderer.

3.Be thankful that I don’t have you arrested for theft and fraud.I won’t.But never want to see you again.

4.I will call the police when the mobsters arrive,since the debt has no legal standing,there’s nothing they can do to us.

Your brother is concerned:”You can’t do that!You’ll ruin my street cred with the other gamblers!I need to stay on good terms with them so I can borrow more money for….stuff.
“We’re brothers!I’m your brother!It’s your duty to help me!
Haven’t you read the Parable of the Prodigal Son!

You:”We’re Jewish.Besides wasn’t that a metaphor for welcoming a repentant sinner,not serving the vices of a unrepentant one?”

Your brother:”Vice!Sin!Evil!Repentance!What kind of morality is that!Morality is brother love!Oh!And NOW you care about the bible!”

You respond:”You brought it up!”

Your Brother:”That’s no excuse for your callousness!”Don’t make excuses for your actions”

You throw up your hands and refuse.

Your brother:
“You,you,souless beast …you monstrous heartless fiend,you think of no one but himself!You’re a bloodthirsty vampire who preys upon the innocent and profits off of the suffering and of the goodwill of others.You are a parasite who is willing to milk the human kindness of others for your own petty gain and then toss them aside!You worship Gold!
Why don’t you sacrifice me to your Golden Calf!
You!You exploited me!
You made me take the money!
It was part of your PLOT!
You knew that I was weak.
You deliberately baited me with that money to tempt me!
You are S-A-T-A-N!!

You respond to this by saying:have you heard of the psychological concept of projection?

If you think that what I wrote above is “over-the-top”,well.. it is ,but then so is our world.

On to Jeb’s “purity”.

I would say to Jeb,define purity?

Is a whorehouse too pure for you,Jeb?

Because the GOP is far less pure than a whorehouse.

Yes,I am being unfair;to prostitutes.
Placing prostitutes on par with Congress is unjust to the former,since a significant percentage of women and girls who work as prostitutes are runaways,or drug addicts,or victims of abuse.Some are young children.
We should stop using the word “whorehouse” to refer to ”a kind of moral sewer” & replace it with the word ”Congress”.

No,Jeb,the problem really is not a surfeit of “ideological purity”,or a unwillingness to ”work across the aisle” to get your ”stuff” done.

No,the problem is neither “ideological purity” ,or for that matter “ideological impurity” (since we would not be better off if we had a “pure” totalitarian regime)

There is not A single problem;there are several related problems.

One problem is that both parties believe and act upon the belief that men exist to serve other men,whether they wish to or not.They believe that they have the right to force those who disagree with them to serve whatever the statists wish to yoke us to at any given time:whether it be the poor,the trees,the owls,the earth,the worms or the weeds,or whatever wishes their deity or deities of choice allgedly communicate to them ..”Jesus was a Occupier!…No,a Republican!” etc)

They believe either that Individual Rights do not exist,or that they may be swept aside for whatever “good” intention pops into their skulls.(Which is to say one and the same thing)

But that is only one political problem.

Why are these thugs in power?

Who elected them?

I could say that “we did” but since I didn’t(with one or two exceptions) I would be lying.

But many Americans did vote to empower this Ship of Fools, which is destroying our rights,and leading our country into national bankruptcy and down the path to third world status.

Some voted for the fools because they lied to us about their intentions,and we either believed them or feared that the alternative would be worse (as I did on the occasions I alluded to above) .

Others,however,voted to send them to Washington to spend us further into debt,or they voted to send them to Washington because “they liked them”,or because “their parents were of the same political party” or some other such rubbish like that.

One wonders if these Congressmen & Senators(of both parties) who constantly speak of doing such and such “for the children” ever think of the future generations of American children who will be buying a carton of milk with baskets of cash?(as they did in Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe)

That is if they can find one.



Times Daily – Google News Archive Search


Toledo Blade – Google News Archive Search



Richard Carstone

Bleak House – Charles Dickens – Google Books


”With a buoyancy and hopefulness and a gaiety that hardly ever flagged, Richard had a carelessness in his character that quite perplexed me— principally because he mistook it, in such a very odd way, for prudence. It entered into all his calculations about money, in a singular manner, which I don’t think I can better explain than by reverting for a moment to our loan to Mr. Skimpole. Mr. Jarndyce had ascertained the amount, either from Mr. Skimpole himself or from Coavinses, and had placed the money in my hands with instructions to me to retain my own part of it and hand the rest to Richard.

The number of little acts of thoughtless expenditure which Richard justified by the recovery of his ten pounds, and the number of times he talked to me as if he had saved or realised that amount, would form a sum in simple addition.

“My prudent Mother Hubbard, why not ?” he said to me, when he wanted, without the least consideration, to bestow five pounds on the brickmaker.

“I made ten pounds, clear, out of Coavinses’ business.”

“How was that ?” said I.

“Why, I got rid of ten pounds which I was quite content to get rid of, and never expected to see any more. You don’t deny that ?”

“No,” said I.

“Very well! Then I came into possession of ten pounds—”

“The same ten pounds,” I hinted.

“That has nothing to do with it!” returned Richard. “I have got ten pounds more than I expected to have, and consequently I can afford to spend it without being particular.”

In exactly the same way, when he was persuaded out of the sacrifice of these five pounds by being convinced that it would do no good, he carried that sum to his credit and drew upon it.

“Let me see!” he would say.

“I saved five pounds out of the brickmaker’s affair; so, if I have a good rattle to London and back in a post-chaise, and put that down at four pounds, I shall have saved one. And it’s a very good thing to save one, let me tell you: a penny saved, is a penny got!”

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Is the #GOP leadership plotting to resurrect the worst parts of #Obamacare if SCOTUS overturns it?

RRD:I woke up today to learn that the party that I helped put into power may be plotting to resurrect some of the most dangerous parts of Obamacare:specifically the ban on “discriminating” against those with pre-existing conditions.

That provision will destroy the last vestiges of free-market healthcare in this country & give us full-fledged socialized medicine.

The original source for this story–Politico–is not the most reliable source.
But Erick Erickson is a conservative &,is reputable,& I have no reason to doubt him when he says that:

”I’ve talked to several House Republicans who tell me the story is actually on the money and the Republicans now denying it are really playing at semantics.

These House Republicans tell me these denials about the accuracy of the story are equivalent to the House GOP semantically arguing it was living up to its Pledge to Nowhere requirement for $100 billion in cuts that actually amounted to something like $34 billion. Conservatives in the House of Representatives tell me explicitly to go with Politico on this and be very wary of the House GOP Leadership when it comes to repeal.”

Cleaning Up the GOP Moves to Texas | RedState


RRD:The fact that I don’t doubt that his conversation took place,does not mean that the House Republicans that he spoke to are correct–they may not be–but try as I might I cannot think of a single thing the GOP leadership has done since gaining power which would lead me to trust them.

And if you need to be reminded of the frightening speed with which the GOP can co-opt Teaparty Republicans(assuming they ever were Teaparty Republicans to begin with),the Club for Growth has come out with this cheerful study:

The Club For Growth’s Depressing Study: Failure and Lies of the Tea Party Congresscritters | RedState


RRD:I have often said that many Conservatives/Republicans/Teapartiers are naive if they believe–as one acquaintance put it–that Republicans are ”like whipped dogs”.They are not ”like whipped dogs”,they are like Neville Chamberlain:cowering before a external foe,but ruthless against members of their own party.(And no the Democrats are not Nazis)
Chamberlain was often viewed as a weakling;he was,when dealing with the Nazis,when dealing with the ”Troublesome young men” who supported both Churchill & England,he was vicious,as Lynne Olson has shown in her book ”Troublesome Young Men”(fn1).

From the original Politico piece:

Health care reform: GOP preps plan for ruling on law – POLITICO.com


”If the law is partially or fully overturned they’ll draw up bills to keep the popular,consumer-friendly portions in place — like allowing adult children to remain on parents’ health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Ripping these provisions from law is too politically risky, Republicans say.”…

”Georgia Rep. Tom Price’s health care legislation — perhaps the most comprehensive plan — does not require insurance companies to accept everyone regardless of their expensive medical conditions. But that provision is one of the health reform law’s most popular pieces — and has been embraced by a broad swath of other Republicans.”

Erickson concludes with this statement:

”I’m afraid if the tea party is not much more successful in primarying Republican candidates and then having those guys practice what they preach, the GOP is within a decade of going the way of the Whigs.”

RRD:I disagree.
I don’t think it will take even half a decade.
Rush Limbaugh is speculating that this is a trial balloon floated by the GOP leadership.
I suggest you call them & explain to them that if they restore the ban against ”discriminating” against those with pre-existing conditions the Democrats will be the least of their problems.


Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped … – Lynne Olson – Google Books


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Huckabee vs Rush,I am biting my nails in suspense over who will win #tcot #tlot #teaparty

Riehl World View: Romney Embraces Huckabee And So Begins The GOP’s War On Traditional Conservatism


The American Spectator : Huckabee Stars in RINO Radio


Mike Huckabee opens up on Obama – Dylan Byers and MJ Lee – POLITICO.com


Local News | Maurice Clemmons, man wanted for questioning, has troubling criminal history | Seattle Times Newspaper


Lakewood Police Shooting and Mike Huckabee – Yahoo! Voices Mobile


Dump the Huck – Article – National Review Online


RRD:Frankly while I’m glad Dan Riehl and Jeffrey Lord are giving us the heads up,I think that they are overly concerned.
First Romney appearing on Huckabee means very little,he has appeared on Hannity;appearing on a program does not make you part of a anti-Rush plot.Second,it’s the Dickey brothers company,if they wish to destroy it that’s their business,far be it from me to tell them how to destroy their own company.
Rush will survive them so long as men are free to speak without being censored.And censoring him would provoke a backlash the likes of which media matters cannot even dream of.

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Romney’s Royal ‘We’ — and ‘Personal Responsibility’ – Terry Jeffrey – Townhall Conservative Columnists


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Demint doesn’t like #obamacare but glad Obama got something done #teaparty #tlot #2012


RRD:Well no,Demint isn’t that consistent.Remember,socialized medicine is ok on the state level,but not on the federal level.
At least that will be the new Republican plank if Romney gets in.
I’m glad I’m a registered independent at times like these.

DeMint walks fine line on Romney health plan – The Hill’s Ballot Box


…..”When DeMint met with Romney on Thursday, he said he wasn’t bothered by the GOP front-runner’s role in enacting healthcare reform in Massachusetts that’s not dissimilar to the president’s national plan.

“That comparison is not a problem for me,” DeMint said. “I still don’t like the plan the way it ended up in Massachusetts, but I like the fact he tried to solve the problem.”….

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It’s (Not) The Economy, Stupid

It’s (Not) The Economy, Stupid


….”What happens if the economy gets better?

If you are a Republican candidate, who has built a campaign around being a better manager of the economy, a better economy (without the benefit of your management) would spell the end of your campaign.”..

….”The philosophical heir to Jimmy Carter is in the White House now. It took a philosopher to beat Jimmy Carter. And it will take a philosopher to beat Barack Obama.

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the philosophy.”….

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Mccain seeks to remake the GOP in his image

RRD:Yes it’s old but quite relevant given his endorsement of Romney.

John McCain’s mission: A GOP makeover – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com


….”Fresh from a humbling loss in last year’s presidential election, Sen. John McCain is working behind-the-scenes to reshape the Republican Party in his own center-right image.

McCain is recruiting candidates, raising money for them and hitting the campaign trail on their behalf. He’s taken sides in competitive House, Senate and gubernatorial primaries and introduced his preferred candidates to his top donors.

When the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy created a vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts, McCain went so far as to solicit former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to run for the seat.

It’s all part of an approach that is at odds with most other recent failed presidential nominees, whose immediate response to defeat was to retreat from the electoral arena. But those familiar with McCain’s thinking say he has expressed serious concern about the direction of the party and is actively seeking out and supporting candidates who can broaden the party’s reach.

In McCain’s case, that means backing conservative pragmatists and moderates.

“I think he’s endorsed people with center-right politics because he has an understanding that the party is in trouble with certain demographics and wants to have a tone that would allow us to grow,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who is McCain’s closest friend and ally in the Senate.

“At a time when our party is struggling and has a lot of shrill voices and aggressive voices, he’s one that can expand our party,” said John Weaver, a longtime McCain friend and strategist.

“John remains the titular head of the Republican Party and he will be until there’s a new nominee,” he said. “Most of the people that ran and lost you never heard from again,” he said. “He’s not going to be like Ed Muskie or Hubert Humphrey.”…

….“I think it’s important, at this stage in my career, to try to support candidates that I think represent the next generation of leadership in the Republican Party,” the 73-year-old McCain said on his way to the Senate floor for a vote last week.”….

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