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GTH G.H.W.Bush/George H.W. Bush: ‘Who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?’ The Hill’s

George H.W. Bush: ‘Who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?’ – The Hill’s On The Money


RRD:The man who betrayed Reagan’s legacy,supported gun control,broke innumerable promises,gave us Souter,demanded that Israel not respond to SCUD missile attacks so as to appease anti-semitic savages,betrayed Israel at Madrid,crawled into bed with the Saudis,dismissed the Fatwa against Rushdie as something Rushdie was milking as a publicity stunt
,spat in the face of the Ukranians with his ”Chicken Kiev” speech,called Saddam Hussein “worse than Hitler”,& then called for the Iraqis to rise up, and then gave permission to the man he called “worse than Hitler” to exterminate them,this wretch has now urged the GOP to do Obama’s bidding & raise taxes.Let me explain this to this disgrace of a man:Obama’s goal is to raise spending and then declare it is “irresponsible” not to raise taxes,spending will then be raised again with more “responsible” tax increases to follow,and on and on until everyone in this country is beggared while Obama’s successors live like the feudal royalty whom they secretly long to become.(Why do you think Democrats are so enamored with the idea of ”Camelot”).Norquist is buddy-buddy with Islamists and deserves to be damned for that ,but on this he is correct.

If the GOP wants to commit suicide then it should raise taxes,if it wishes to go the way of the Whigs(which it replaced) it should remain tied to the Bush royal family,if it wishes to survive it needs to embrace the Teaparty and what it stands for(at its best ,not its worst):That is, Limited Government and spending restraint.


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Anyone notice Republicans would have to sign off on 3/4 of these things?/Republicans warn of Obama’s post #2012 priorities

Republicans warn of obamas post 2012 priorities


….”Some of Obama’s “agenda is so completely unpalatable to the majority of Americans that he has to wait until after the election to move it — lest representative democracy stop it in its tracks,” said Jonathan Collegio, communications director at American Crossroads, a GOP-linked campaign organization.

In July 2011, Obama hinted he would raise taxes after the November election. “When you hear folks saying, well, the president shouldn’t want massive, job-killing tax increases when the economy is this weak — nobody is looking to raise taxes right now,” he said at a White House press conference. “We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out-years,” he said.”….

RRD:Obama cannot raise taxes on his own,so unless he takes the House,Republicans would have to vote to raise taxes.
Would they?
If not there will be no tax increase,if so,why are they there?
If ”representative democracy” does not ”stop it in its tracks” it
could only be because either the Democrats take the House,or because the GOP caves.The former requires keeping the House,not taking the White House,the latter is a Republican problem,again,not a Obama problem.

….”In recent months,Obama has also delayed implementation of onerous environmental regulations and hinted at approving the Keystone XL Canada–U.S. pipeline, which is opposed by environmentalist groups.

But the expensive regulations could be revived after November, and inaction would doom the popular pipeline.”…

RRD:Executive regulations can be reversed at any time by a subsequent President.
In the meantime,please do.
I want the most extreme regulations possible,so that the American people can see exactly what they can expect from Cap and Trade.
That is infinitely preferable to having a Republican who advocates for the Global Warming Hysteria,work out a “pragmatic “compromise to “outwit” the Democrats,just as Heritage and Romney and Dole and Bennett “outwitted” the advocates of socialized medicine.

With such a compromise we would be slowly regulated to death like a “boiling frog”(a frog dropped in hot water will jump out,but if you place a frog in cold water and slowly increase the temperture it will be boiled to death without realizing it,or at least that’s what the metaphor is).
”But what about a treaty!”
Treaties,like Kyoto,must be ratified.
”What if he submits laws to Congress!”
Again,will the Republicans pass them?
If the Republicans cannot be relied upon to fight their political enemy–a man who does not lead the GOP–what can we expect them to do if Romney–who would lead the GOP– behaves like George H.W.Bush or John Mccain?

….”In February, Obama promised more action on immigration: “I’ve got another five years coming up. We’re going to get this done,” he told a Univision questioner.

That could be an insincere promise to spur Latino turnout in November, or a sincere commitment to ram a controversial and expensive amnesty bill through a demoralized Republican House of Representatives in spring 2013.”….

RRD:So now it becomes explicit.
You see,we must vote for Romney or the poor,helpless,”demoralized” RINOS will just have to vote for anything Obama submits;& then WE will be to blame.
Seriously this is pathetic,why doesn’t the GOP Congress just threaten to rubber stamp Obama’s policies unless Romney is elected?

….”Obama has repeatedly hinted that he will push for a federal redefinition of marriage in 2013. He and his aides have repeatedly said his view of marriage is “evolving,” and in June 2011, he told a White House audience of gay activists that “I have delivered on what I promised. … Now, that doesn’t mean our work is done”….

RRD:Push away;again how will Obama ”redefine marriage”,he cannot change the law on his own?
The Courts?
Who approves these Judges?
Blank out.
How many Republicans voted for Sotomayor and Kagen out of “deference”?
Have you looked at the track record of the Justices appointed by Einshower,Nixon,and Ford?
Or for that matter Justices appointed by Reagan and Bush 1 & 2?
It is a decidedly mixed result;particularly when it came to the ”moderate”, & ”electable” Republicans;(e.g. Eisenhower,Nixon,Ford & George H.W.Bush).

Who gave us Earl Warren?

And who gave us ”moderates” like Powell,Burger,O’Connor, & Kennedy?
Nixon the first two & Reagan the latter two.

It’s true that Liberals almost always pick liberals,but “Conservatives” often pick Liberals.

At this point some may say:”But Obama also said that he would bypass Congress”!
Bypass away.
Unless Obama turns the Country into a police state,(& should he attempt to he would be removed from office by the Military),any action he takes would either be reversible,or require Republican approval,UNLESS the Democrats retake the House.

For my part I will continue to push for a alternative to Romney,and to support any Republicans who are even halfway decent in the House & Senate.

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The ”electability” canard.Why the Polls of today don’t matter.

RRD:One of the most oft repeated arguments for Romney(just as it was for Mccain)is the “electability” argument.
Or as I call it:the “electability myth”.
The myth is not that there is no such thing as real,actual electibility,with the flip side being that “anyone can win”.

The myth is that a candidate’s electibility can be determined nine months in advance of a election.

People who have no qualms about saying that ”the Teaparty will just have to fall in line”,nine months in advance of the election,in defiance of the Teaparty’s current ”anyone but Romney” stance,
will nevertheless treat today’s polling data showing Romney as electable,(& conversely showing Gingrich,Paul,Santorum as unelectable) as if it was the Law of Conservation of Energy.
Something that is immutable.
The moods & whims of the ”undecideds” are afforded similar awe.
One wonders why we should bother having elections at all?
Why not just take a poll on the day of the nominating convention & declare whoever leads as President?
Any Pollster worth his salt will tell you that you cannot predict the outcome of a election months in advance,(or even weeks ,if it is remotely close),but all that gets tossed out the window by the Rockefeller Republicans who claim that they would like to be ”pure”,but alas,”elections are won in the center”.

The actual motive behind many of the ”Romney is electable” mantras(fn1) is to dismiss anyone not LEFT OF CENTER as unelectable (both Mccain & Romney were left of center on Global Warming,Romney is additionally left of center on the Individual Mandate).
Having lost the philosophical argument,Rockeffeller Republicans have adopted a new “practical” argument:”Elections are won from the center”.Except that their “centrists” keep going down in flames.(Murkowski and some others being notable exceptions).
Carly Fiorina was supposed to be ”electable”.Along with Meg Whitman.Along with Arlen Specter,(versus the unelectable,since elected Sen.Pat Toomey.)
”Obamacan” Charlie Crist(whose advisors are now advising Romney)
was a supposedly unbeatable candidate,versus the ”nice,but unelectable” Sen.Rubio.
The result?
Crist,a pathological liar & flip flopper,hated by the base,lost the nomination & RAN AS A Independent,and,in what must be the most brazen act of narcissism outside of the White House, instructed his Democratic opponent to ”be unselfish” & drop out of the race.(His opponent,Meek,displayed more self-respect & courage than some ”conservatives” who have shilled for Romney & basically told Crist,& probably also Bill Clinton if the rumors are true, to go to hell).

I do not trust polls.Particularly when they are nearly a year in advance of the elections.
This does not mean that a honest person cannot look at the polls and conclude that Romney is the candidate who is most likely to beat Obama.But they cannot treat their extrapolation as if it were a fact of nature.Nor can they say that ”Since the polls say, that IF the election were held today,Gingrich etal would lose”,therefore ”Gingrich etal CAN’T win”,because the ELECTIONS ARE NOT BEING HELD TODAY.You cannot know what people will do if given the choice,in the real world,of GOP candidate X vs Obama.
You can make guesses & projections,but THAT IS ALL YOU CAN DO.A ”hypothetical matchup” does not take into account:debates between the Republican and the Democrat,errors or gaffes by the candidates,the effect of ads that have yet to run,(both positive & negative),real & invented scandals.
Anyone who claims to know the outcome of a election,with certainty,is a liar or a fool.
One can make predictions about the outcome.
But one cannot anoint candidate X as ”the only candidate who can beat Obama”.
Teaparty members,Libertarians,Conservatives & Objectivists should take any claims of ”electability” with a grain of salt.
They should not dismiss them,but they should scrutinize them carefully to see if they have a rational justification.They should also study the history of elections to gain context on some of these claims.


1.Not all.But when you have “Progressive” Republicans,and establishment Republicans consistently predicting defeat for Toomey,Rubio,Reagan etc while ignoring the fact that Fiorina,Ford,Dole,G.H.W.Bush & Mccain went down in flames, it is legitimate to question whether they are ”just interested in winning”, or whether they want Rockefeller Republicans whether they win or lose.

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What can we expect if #Romney leads the GOP?A purge of conservatives from the #GOP .

PJ Media » State GOP Establishments Attack Their Base


…”Florida, Congressman Allen West, a Tea Party favorite, has seen his name floated as a potential vice presidential nominee. That clearly hasn’t impressed the state’s legislature, which has redrawn West’s district “to include substantially more Democrats within it … many more than other Republican incumbents.” The “inspiration” for this move is state Fepresentative Will Weatherford, who just so happens to be Mitt Romney’s Sunshine State spokesperson. Why am I not surprised? In response, West announced that he will run for “reelection” in a different district.

In heavily Catholic Pennsylvania, Democrat Senator Bob Casey is extremely vulnerable, both for generally hewing to the Obama agenda and for his support of ObamaCare, which among other things has led to regulations effective next year which would force all hospitals to provide contraceptive services with no conscience exceptions. Sadly, the Keystone State’s GOP, which stuck with Democrat-turned Republican-turned Democrat Arlen Specter for decades while treating conservative stalwart Pat Toomey like a leper, is on track to blow it. Under intense pressure from Governor Tom Corbett, who seems to have forgotten that he owes his job to Tea Party supporters who latched onto his promise not to raise taxes, the party has endorsed Steve Welch over three other far more acceptable contestants. Welch voted for Obama in 2008 and supported Toomey’s far-left U.S. Senate opponent Joe Sestak (4% lifetime Club For Growth rating) in 2010. From all appearances, based on after-the-fact complaints I have read and an advance warning that it would happen from Christopher Friend, the party which opposes “card check” in union organizing failed to hold a secret endorsement ballot”….

RRD:I have said this again and again;the GOP establishment wants the Teaparty dead.Co-opted.Erased.Wiped out.GONE.This is war and the Rockefeller Republicans are our mortal enemies,not our part time allies.They are not “whipped dogs”,as Robert Tracinski put it.Look at the case of Neville Chamberlain for a example:Many believe that Chamberlain was some kind of weakling.He wasn’t.He fawned over Hitler,seeking his approval.But he was absolutely vindictive to anyone in his own party who defied him(see Lynne Olson’s Troublesome Young Men fn1).
Mccain was another,more recent example:he reassured us that “we had nothing to fear” from a Obama Presidency,but when any Republican challenged him,he “did whatever it took to win”.He mocked the Teaparty as ”Hobbits”,(bizarrely since the Hobbits were heroes)for having the temerity to believe that there was a actual moral conflict in whether we spend ourselves into collapse.These people are our enemies.The country cannot be saved by a ”opposition party” that is nothing more than a watered down version of the Democrats.
It may not be savable AT ALL.

But it certainly CANNOT be saved by ”Conservatives”(like Romney) who make ”the conservative case for the individual mandate”.


Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped … – Lynne Olson – Google Books


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