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Don’t Let It Go Unheard #Objectivist ( #aynrand ) Topics: Obama’s ”doing fine” remark,Obama #2012 data mining,How NOT to help gays & minorities #tlot #teaparty


”PLANNED TOPICS: The right way, and the wrong way, to promote the interests of gays and other minorities. Can Obama win the election this fall by collecting more data on us than Romney does ? Also, what in the world made him say this week that “the private sector is doing fine” ? And more if there’s time.”

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Don’t Let Go.. #Objectivist( #aynrand ) podcast 8pm est Topics:U.S.Soldiers betrayed/ #obamacare-cost/Santorum-Porn #tcot #teaparty #2012


….”Planned topics: Rick Santorum pledges, if elected, to crack down on…Internet pornography. Several U.S. soldiers were killed by their supposed Afghan allies in the last month — how are these cases being reported and is anything being done about it? Surprise: Obamacare will cost at least twice as much as originally promised. And more.”….

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