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If Romney runs a ”civilized” campaign he will be practicing unilateral disarmament #2012 #tcot

Mitt Romney’s women problem – The Washington Post


…..”Nicolle Wallace, a Republican strategist, said Romney has the potential to make up his current deficit with women.

“Romney’s dip among women can be temporary if he stays focused on the economy and on running a smart, civilized campaign against Obama — something Romney is uniquely qualified to do much better than any of the other republicans still lingering,” said Wallace”…..

RRD:This fool knows nothing of the actual history of politics.
I actually lived through a number of campaigns in which Republicans actually won in the real world,I’m not sure which alternate timeline this woman comes from but negative campaigns do,in fact,work in our universe.

Reagan made no bones about tearing Carter and Mondale to shreds,either directly or through surrogates.

George H.W. Bush had his Willie Horton campaign,which was not something that the “smart people” thought was civilized.

It worked.

George W.Bush had Rove start a whisper campaign about Mccain’s adopted children,and he had no qualms about tearing Kerry to shreds.

Guess who won?

And the Democrats have had a run few negative campaigns here and there(sardonic understatement).

I seem to recall a girl plucking petals from a flower, & then a voice said :”These are the stakes! To make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die”

Fortunately LBJ took us to a world in which we all loved one another,and in which the the milk of human kindness flowed through the Mekong.

But I digress.

There are candidates who have accepted the objectively false claim that negative ads drive people to vote for your opponent.(Yes,people say they don’t like negative ads,but they still work)

Dole was one.
Mccain was another.

Meanwhile while Romney is running a stupidly “civilized” campaign,someone else will be practicing politics “the Chicago Way”,and planning to “punish his enemies and reward his friends”.
If you wish to see how effective this kind of unilateral suicide pact is, watch a video of the Democratic National Convention,when Mccain was gleefully savaged again and again,particularly by his ”friend” & fellow Veteran ,John Kerry.

No,I really don’t think Obama has much to fear.
Ms.Wallace is of a piece with Mr.Etch-a-Sketch’s advisors.

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