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What can we expect if #Romney leads the GOP?A purge of conservatives from the #GOP .

PJ Media » State GOP Establishments Attack Their Base


…”Florida, Congressman Allen West, a Tea Party favorite, has seen his name floated as a potential vice presidential nominee. That clearly hasn’t impressed the state’s legislature, which has redrawn West’s district “to include substantially more Democrats within it … many more than other Republican incumbents.” The “inspiration” for this move is state Fepresentative Will Weatherford, who just so happens to be Mitt Romney’s Sunshine State spokesperson. Why am I not surprised? In response, West announced that he will run for “reelection” in a different district.

In heavily Catholic Pennsylvania, Democrat Senator Bob Casey is extremely vulnerable, both for generally hewing to the Obama agenda and for his support of ObamaCare, which among other things has led to regulations effective next year which would force all hospitals to provide contraceptive services with no conscience exceptions. Sadly, the Keystone State’s GOP, which stuck with Democrat-turned Republican-turned Democrat Arlen Specter for decades while treating conservative stalwart Pat Toomey like a leper, is on track to blow it. Under intense pressure from Governor Tom Corbett, who seems to have forgotten that he owes his job to Tea Party supporters who latched onto his promise not to raise taxes, the party has endorsed Steve Welch over three other far more acceptable contestants. Welch voted for Obama in 2008 and supported Toomey’s far-left U.S. Senate opponent Joe Sestak (4% lifetime Club For Growth rating) in 2010. From all appearances, based on after-the-fact complaints I have read and an advance warning that it would happen from Christopher Friend, the party which opposes “card check” in union organizing failed to hold a secret endorsement ballot”….

RRD:I have said this again and again;the GOP establishment wants the Teaparty dead.Co-opted.Erased.Wiped out.GONE.This is war and the Rockefeller Republicans are our mortal enemies,not our part time allies.They are not “whipped dogs”,as Robert Tracinski put it.Look at the case of Neville Chamberlain for a example:Many believe that Chamberlain was some kind of weakling.He wasn’t.He fawned over Hitler,seeking his approval.But he was absolutely vindictive to anyone in his own party who defied him(see Lynne Olson’s Troublesome Young Men fn1).
Mccain was another,more recent example:he reassured us that “we had nothing to fear” from a Obama Presidency,but when any Republican challenged him,he “did whatever it took to win”.He mocked the Teaparty as ”Hobbits”,(bizarrely since the Hobbits were heroes)for having the temerity to believe that there was a actual moral conflict in whether we spend ourselves into collapse.These people are our enemies.The country cannot be saved by a ”opposition party” that is nothing more than a watered down version of the Democrats.
It may not be savable AT ALL.

But it certainly CANNOT be saved by ”Conservatives”(like Romney) who make ”the conservative case for the individual mandate”.


Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped … – Lynne Olson – Google Books


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