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Fikra Forum interviews Anti-islamist Egyptians;they call for changes to U.S. policy

Egyptians Question U.S. Policy, Call for Change | Fikra Forum http://fikraforum.org/?p=2914 ….”At this critical time in Egypt’s transition, Fikra Forum felt it important to gauge the reaction of the non -Islamist Egyptian opposition to current U.S. policy. We are happy to present the opinions of well-established democracy and human rights activists on the ground, in addition to expert analysts and observers. We offer gratitude to our contributors, Hafez Abu Saeda, Basil El-Dabh, Dina Guirguis, Hany Nasr, Bassem Samir, Josh Shahryar, and Dalia Ziada, for their valuable insight. “….. More at the link.

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John Mccain: useful idiot of the Muslim Brotherhood

RRD: I am posting this both because it needs posting to document the bi-partisan idiocy on Egypt and because it is my answer to those who say:”Surely you don’t think that a Mccain presidency could have been as bad as a Obama one” and  also to those who say ”at least the Republicans are strong on Foreign Policy”.
Some may be but that is not a given anymore.

McCain & Graham [Heart] the Muslim Brotherhood – By Andrew C. McCarthy – The Corner – National Review Online


February 13,2012

Senator John McCain: An unlikely Brotherhood ally | GlobalPost


“First of all, Islamic extremists are not in power. The power is still being wielded by the military junta [RRD:Not anymore see Rubin below] that took over,by the way who are, they and the last vestiges of the Mubarak regime, keeping Americans in a situation where they have to go to the US embassy. So, it’s not the Muslim Brotherhood who’s doing this, it’s the remains of the Mubarak regime.”

”In the case of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is split. They have not obtained power yet. There are groups of them that want to have good relations with us. They may be an Islamic country, Israel is a Jewish state. So let’s wait and see”

Sen John McCain schools Sean Hannity on Egypt and Arab Spring Feb 13 2012 – YouTube

RRD: You see Egypt is a ” Islamic Country”, just as Israel is a ” Jewish State”;so what’s the difference?Other than the Muslim Brotherhood’s rabid anti-semitism,rabid misogyny,hostility to freedom and Christians,and commitment to a global Islamic theocracy which murders apostates and stones adulterers,well,not much.
And besides didn’t Israel once forbid public buses from running on Saturday?

This is a speech by Mohammed Morsi,now president of Egypt.

Morsi during Elections Campaign: Jihad Is Our Path, Death for the Sake of Allah Is Our Aspiration – YouTube

RRD:Now Robert you’re scaremongering,after all,don’t our own Presidential candidates say that death for God is their goal…Oh wait!They don’t.Indeed to find the closest Western equivalent you have to look to fascist and totalitarian movements.

More on both Morsi & the Brotherhood in general:

Rubin Reports » Egypt: There Goes the Army; There Goes the Free Media; There Goes Egypt


Top Egyptian presidential candidate doubts al Qaeda role in 9/11 – Washington Times


The Makeover of Mohammed Morsi | FrontPage Magazine


Morsi Promises to Free ‘Blind Sheik’ from U.S. Prison – WSJ.com


Jerusalem to become Egypt’s capital under Mursi’s rule, says Muslim cleric[at Mursi campaign event]


‘Every aspect of life is to be Islamicized [under Morsi]JPost – Middle East


Meet your presidential candidate: Mohamed Morsy,the substitute | Egypt Independent


Meet your president: Mohamed Morsy | Egypt Independent


Muslim Brotherhood leader:We must raise “a jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life .” #egypt #Jan25 | Glory to man in the highest


Polls of Egyptians showing that 82% of them support stoning adulterers
& 84% support killing apostates.

Muslim Publics Divided on Hamas and Hezbollah | Pew Global Attitudes Project


Muslim Brotherhood plan to “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within” t – Americans for Freedom in Iran


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DOJ official Tom Perez, his meetings with Islamists & his refusal to explicitly denounce blasphemy laws

DoJ official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy law | The Daily Caller http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/27/doj-official-refuses-to-denounce-demands-for-saudi-style-blasphemy-law/ RRD:According to the Daily Caller Tom Perez a DOJ official refused to denounce blasphemy laws.This took place at hearings convened because of a Daily Caller article published in October of 2011 ,on a meeting Perez had with members of the Islamist group ISNA (a unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land case) most notably Mohamed Magid,along with others. (To my knowledge Magid himself was not named in the case) …”At the end of the public meeting, Perez called more meetings with the Islamists, even though he had watched while Magid called for legal punishment of people who criticize Islamic texts that call for violence against non -Muslims and for the subordination of women to men.”… …”During the meeting, Perez also complimented the Islamists for lobbying against airline security measures. Perez also listened while another Islamist called for the Justice Department to redefine religious free speech as illegal discrimination. The department’s “civil rights lawyers are top of the line — I say this with utter honesty — I know they can come up with a way” to redefine criticism as discrimination, said Sahar Aziz, a female Egyptian -American lawyer who spoke at the event. “I’d be willing to give a shot at it,” said Aziz, who spoke for the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding, a Michigan -based advocacy group. “We must continue to have the open and honest and critical dialogue that you saw in the robust debate,” Perez said just a few minutes after Aziz made her demand for Saudi-style blasphemy laws.”….

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Dean of Koranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza vows to Conquer Andalusia & the Vatican

RRD:Odd,I thought if ”we left them alone,they would leave us alone”.

MEMRI: Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, Dean of Koranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza: We Hope to Conquer Andalusia and the Vatican



”Subhi Al-Yaziji: The conquest of Andalusia is an old dream, something Muslims proudly hope for and will continue to hope for in the future.


We place our hopes in Allah and trust that the day will come when our triumph will not be restricted to Palestine. Our hopes go beyond that – to raise the banner of the Caliphate over the Vatican, the “Rome” of today, in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: “Constantinople shall be conquered and then Rome.”


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Family Fears Iranian Pastor Behnam Irani Dying Behind Bars #xcot #jcot #tcot


BosNewsLife – Christian News Agency » Blog Archive »

NEWS ALERT: Family Fears Iranian Pastor Dying Behind Bars


…”Family members of jailed Iranian Pastor Behnam Irani fear he may die behind bars amid mounting concerns about his rapidly deteriorating health and prison mistreatment, an official assisting him with advocacy told BosNewsLife Wednesday, April 25.

Irani, who suffers of several ailments including an intestinal disorder, is “frequently beaten by prisoners under the watchful eye of prison officials,” said Jason DeMars of advocacy group Present Truth Ministry.

“Sources close to the family are concerned that he will die before the end of his five-year prison sentence,” DeMars explained. Besides known health issues, he is also “having trouble with his eyesight and his foot,” he added, suggesting the situation may be even more serious than previously thought.

Irani, who is in his 40s and married with two children, has been behind bars in a prison of Karaj city where he led a congregation of the Church of Iran house church movement.

He has been held on charges of “crimes against the Islamic state” apparently linked to his involvement in the unauthorized house church”…..

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The Islamist Winter: New Report Suggests Extremist Views Winning In Libya | Fox News


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Muslim Brotherhood vows not to recognize Israel


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Egyptian Cleric Tawfiq Al-Afni Leads Pro-Al-Qaeda Demonstration in Tahrir Square: “Sheikh Osama bin Laden is a man who waged Jihad for the sake of Allah, and we pray that Allah will unite us with him and the martyrs in Paradise.” #tcot #gwot

MEMRI: Egyptian Cleric Tawfiq Al-Afni Leads Pro-Al-Qaeda Demonstration in Tahrir Square, Threatens America and the Jews   http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/3208.htm 

  “Tawfiq Al-Afni (On stage): “Sheikh Osama bin Laden is a man who waged Jihad for the sake of Allah, and we pray that Allah will unite us with him and the martyrs in Paradise. My brothers, in Islam, we say with great pride that we adhere to the Jihad for the sake of Allah…”  

“I say to the people who fear Islam: Are you thieves that should fear the chopping off of hands? Are you alcohol-drinkers that you should fear being flogged?”

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Time Magazine continues its descent into depravity

Time magazine bureau chief: Why did that firebombed French magazine have to stir up trouble by mocking Mohammed? « Hot Air


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ALERT!Obama targets enemies of “Inclusiveness” i.e.: Islamism #no2sharia #tcot #ocra

RRD:The Obama administration has decided that the government now has as one of its roles–fighting the enemies of “Inclusiveness” i.e. Islamism. Don’t you love the way governments come up with these Orwellian terms? This one reminds of the charge of being “Unmutual” ;from one of the episodes of The Prisoner.People who were Unmutual were….well it was never entirely clear what they were being accused of;which is what totalitarian societies always seek to promote.As Ayn Rand–who escaped from the Soviet Union–noted,it is a mistake:…    ….” to suppose that a dictatorship rules a nation by means of strict, rigid laws which are obeyed and enforced with rigorous, military precision. ….. it is not the known that breaks men’s spirits, but the unpredictable. A dictatorship has to be capricious; it has to rule by means of the unexpected, the incomprehensible, the wantonly irrational…(fn1)   Dictatorships thrive on vague laws.Soft-tyrannies traffic in veiled threats.And in a world when you can suddenly find yourself the target of a “random” IRS audit,or be mysteriously denied a discretionary permit of some kind,the government already has many tools to intimidate its targets.    Obama’s Dubious Scheme to Fix Homegrown Terrorism – Karen Lugo – Townhall Conservative   http://townhall.com/columnists/karenlugo/2011/08/12/obamas_dubious_scheme_to_fix_homegrown_terrorism/page/full/   ….”According to the White House, the government is also concerned about what it considers to be the enemies of inclusiveness. The indiciations that such phantom operators are present in the community include “actions and statements that cast suspicion toward entire communities, promot[ing] hatred and division, and send[ing] messages to certain Americans that they are somehow less American because of their faith or how they look.” These descriptors are the same ones used to cast as Islamophobic those who credibly confront the issues associated with sharia in American culture. Thus, the government is offering partnership with the multiculturalist and Islamist groups that already impose tremendous censorship on community efforts to defend American constitutional culture. The government just avoids using the recently minted “Islamophobia” label. This will certainly lead to government mediation of cultural debates -and Europe teaches us what happens when government criminalizes speech on matters of public concern. Obama and the Feds will not have to look far for ready-made partners in this multi-culti cooperative. Conveniently, there are highly organized commissions already active in most communities that spout the same platitudes about inclusiveness and tolerance. These boards feel empowered by their quasi-government sponsorship to criticize any who engage in non-compliant speech. Those courageous enough to challenge political Islam or to expose dangerous radicals in the community are perversely subject to condemnation for creating an environment of “hate.” There is great reason to fear a government alliance with local speechminder commissions. This is exactly what squelched the public debate in Great Britain and led to sharia districts, 85 sharia courts and sharia-compliant schools. If America does not heed the British lesson, the potential for similar, separate sharia societies is predictable. Of course, it is within these enclaves that real intransigent radicalization and deep division take root. “….   RRD:Let me add some qualifiers.First it is not “censorship” for group A to accuse group B(unjustly)of “Islamophobia”.It IS censorship to use force,and the government’s political power to try to intimidate it’s enemies.Also it is not clear that the Obama regime will seek to establish formal censorship boards.Not because they do not want to,they do.But they may understand that it is a bridge too far.Or not.We will see.In either case this is certainly something to keep a eye on.    fn1   Dictatorship — Ayn Rand Lexicon   http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/dictatorship.html    It is a grave error to suppose that a dictatorship rules a nation by means of strict, rigid laws which are obeyed and enforced with rigorous, military precision. Such a rule would be evil, but almost bearable; men could endure the harshest edicts, provided these edicts were known, specific and stable; it is not the known that breaks men’s spirits, but the unpredictable. A dictatorship has to be capricious; it has to rule by means of the unexpected, the incomprehensible, the wantonly irrational; it has to deal not in death, but in sudden death; a state of chronic uncertainty is what men are psychologically unable to bear. “Antitrust: The Rule of Unreason,” The Objectivist Newsletter, Feb. 19

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