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Wasserman Schultz says “jewbag” aide should be forgiven,while DNC communications director says she is being “smeared” #jcot #2012

RRD:I posted on this before here:

Democratic staffer puts on Jewish version of a minstrel show. – fightingstatism


Wasserman Schultz stands by aide over Facebook flap | JTA – Jewish & Israel News


…“She was 20 when she posted that picture,” Wasserman Schultz said in response to a reporter’s question at a Florida campaign event. “I spoke to my own children and gave that unfortunate posting as an example of how, no matter what you think is funny among your friends, nothing on social media is private.”

…..”After her appointment to the new role of Jewish outreach liaison for the DNC was announced, the conservative Washington Free Beacon unearthed the Facebook photos of Gilbert jokingly referring to herself and her friends using the terms “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash -money team.”

Gilbert apologized last week through a Twitter post.

“I apologize for any harm postings on my Facebook page made years ago may have caused anyone. I meant no offense,” she wrote.

“I’ve known Dani Gilbert since she was 15 years old,” Wasserman Schultz said. “She’s a Yale graduate, a graduate of the London School of Economics, she has been my foreign policy aide for almost three years. And she’s incredibly poised, intelligent and that is not reflective of her maturity today.”

…..”DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse defended Gilbert’s credentials in a statement sent to the news source BuzzFeed. In the statement, Woodhouse said that “no smear driven by the right-wing noise machine is going to impact her status as a trusted member of this team.”…

RRD:Let us parse this:

“I spoke to my own children and gave that unfortunate posting as an example of how, no matter what you think is funny among your friends, nothing on social media is private.”

So Wasserman-Schultz told them that the reason that they should not debase themselves and their fellow jews with the terms “Jewbags”,and “Jew Money Team”,(phrases that sound like they were lifted from the Nazis),is because they might get caught?!?!

I don’t claim to know what went on in Gilbert’s mind when she posted this grotesque smear against herself,me,and my family members and her own family members.I hope that her apology is sincere.However Wasserman-Schultz’s statement is even more disturbing in some ways.Did she say anything else to her children?Anything about how self-hating statements by jews are used by anti-semites in their propoganda?

Meanwhile,at the same time that Gilbert is apologizing,and Wasserman-Schultz is saying Gilbert should be forgiven,(and telling her children of the dangers of being caught),we have the obscene spectacle of this Woodhouse creature saying that “no smear driven by the right-wing noise machine is going to impact her status as a trusted member of this team.”…

So,a Jewish Democratic Staffer debases herself,her friends,and all other jews with this vile term,whether through ignorance,drunkness,self-hatred,whatever….it was SHE who posted this,and the villians are the “right wing noise machine” who have “smeared” her by posting the truth,even though the girl herself and her boss both acknowledge this was wrong?

This statement by Woodhouse is a example of the depraved entitlement mentality of some Democrats:How dare you criticize us,even if the criticism is justified.How dare you speak the truth about us.Reality is whatever we say it is,we are above you,we can do whatever we want,say whatever we want,and no one should dare criticize us.Meanwhile,we will fling any libel,any slander we wish at you:Nazis,Klansmen,Racist,Terrorist,Teabagger,and you are to lap it all up and thank us for being “courageous dissenters”.

I wonder if this clown grasps the fact that,no it really isn’t ”just” the “right-wing noise machine” that is outraged by this.

I do not blame either Wasserman-Schultz or Gilbert for Woodhouse’s statement.But if anyone deserves to be fired,it is him.

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Gingrich “Every county I carried had an increase in turnout over last time,” “Every county Romney carried had a decrease in turnout over last time.”

….”But Gingrich on Sunday put the low turnout squarely on Romney’s shoulders.

“Every county that I carried had an increase in turnout over last time,” Gingrich said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Every county that Gov. Romney carried had a decrease in turnout over last time.”

NBC News later verified that Gingrich’s assessment of the turnout situation was accurate.”…

Sununu: Low turnout means GOP satisfied – The Hill’s Ballot Box


RRD:Also Sununu believes low primary turnout is good.He isn’t alone in promoting this type of “everything is good for Romney” fantasy.See below:

AFP: Long primary battle could help Romney build support


…..”A drawn-out fight for the Republican nomination could work to frontrunner Mitt Romney’s advantage if he uses it to develop his campaign structure in swing states key to beating President Barack Obama in November.

That’s what happened in 2008, when Obama built a formidable organization that registered hundreds of thousands of new voters and signed up an army of volunteers during his own long primary battle with Hillary Clinton.”..

RRD:You see,Romney’s inability to “seal the deal” will help him,because it will make him create a grassroots….

Wait,isn’t the fact that Romney can’t “close the deal”(he lost overwhelmingly in South Carolina,)due to the fact that he is hated by the very people he needs for grassroots turnout in 2012?How then will their hatred of him help him to mobilize them on his behalf?And couldn’t he just turn his attention to building a grass roots operation earlier if he won the nomination earlier?
And the same was true of Obama.Obama did not benefit from having to fight Clinton.He was not harmed because of his overwhelming,(cult like)support among Democrats,but he did NOT benefit.
On a related point:If Romney gets the nomination,he will be the first to do so who DID NOT win S.Carolina in 30 some years.To put that in perspective it would be the first time that happened in my lifetime.
Of course many things have happened for the first time in my lifetime.But it would still be unusual.

But don’t worry,the anti-romney base may not THINK they will vote,&/or be energized,but what do they know.

….”Things will likely change in November, when conservatives who have rallied around calls to make Obama a one-term president have a chance to vote him out of office, said Larry Jacobs, a politics professor at the University of Minnesota.

“I don’t think you’re going to need Newt Gingrich to turn out those people,” he told AFP.

“They’re so antagonized by the Obama presidency that they’re guaranteed to turn out.”….

RRD:Yeah like in 2008,as Mccain snickered “Where will they go”.
I remember 2008 very clearly.
Most people I knew on the right argued and believed that we could not survive FOUR years of Obama,much less 8.
The problem?
It is very difficult to campaign for a ”Morale Vampire”(i.e. John Mccain and Romney).
Mccain spent much of the end of the campaign telling us how wonderful Obama was.
He was a ”good man”,”we had nothing to fear from him” etc.
And when he lost,he told us that Obama was his “leader”(& by extension ours).

How many times will Rockefeller Republicans spit in our face before November,having made themselves smugly ”secure” by the “Where will they go” chant?

If Romney is nominated it will be their opportunity to drop their veneer of conservatism and finally let us know what they really think of us.
We already see this in the gratuitous insults:

Coulter believes people who oppose Romney are not ”normal” – fightingstatism


And in the gleefully sadistic condescension directed against Conservatives:

PJ Media » Resigning Yourself to Romney: A Guide for the Disgruntled


This is not the writing of someone who supports someone (e.g. Romney)because they believe he is the lesser of two evils.
This is the triumphant sneer of the passive aggressive con artist who relishes giving his victim the finger, while putting on a “all innocent” expression.
It is the sneering triumph of a enemy over a humiliated foe.

If someone wished to endorse–or support Romney–there is a very simple way for a honest person to do so:

“Romney is horrendous,but I don’t think we can survive another Obama term”

Full Stop.
One does not need to spit in the face of Romney’s opponents by telling us that Romneycare was a ”triumph” for free market medicine,as that lying hypocrite Coulter did.

Three Cheers for Romneycare:


Nor does one need to sneer triumphantly as has this Belladona Rogers creature does.
No there is something else going on here.
And it ain’t pretty.
We are winnowing the wheat from the chaff.
By this I don’t mean that all Romney supporters are “chaff”,but disingenous supporters are.Romney shills are.
There are good people who support Romney as the ”lesser of two evils”.
But they are honest & upfront.
Coulter isn’t.
Rodgers isn’t.
They are liars & frauds.

This has indeed been a very revealing year.

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