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Ben Carson’s nonsensical drivel about compromise #tcot #teaparty

Conservatives Won’t Win Elections by Refusing To Compromise – Dr. Ben Carson


….”Perhaps an illustration is in order: Two armies are engaged in a war. Let’s call the good army that is trying to defend an entire society the red army and the bad army that is trying to invade and pillage society the blue army. The blue army occupies a superior strategic position and is composed of slightly more troops, putting the red army at a distinct disadvantage. Some in the red army feel that they are right and, therefore, should simply march directly into battle with the blue army because right always wins.

Fortunately, some members of the red army are wise and have a better plan. They send a battalion of troops to the base of the mountain occupied by the blue army to distract them while the vast majority of red troops approach the mountain from the backside. They descend upon the blue army by surprise, completely vanquishing them and winning the war. The decoy red battalion may have sustained some casualties, but in the long run, the war was won, and the entire society was saved.

I hope this illustration is useful in helping some to understand that achieving a critical mass of conservatives and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only, as some call them) in office will ensure that we can get non-activist Supreme Court and federal judges in place who respect the U.S. Constitution

RRD: My God man are you blind? Where have you been? Who is arguing that “right always wins”? Teapartiers are not concerned that their “leaders” have a different plan for fighting the enemy,they fear that they are going to surrender to the enemy or join them and fight with them against us, (or at best wage a half-hearted campaign.) They have good reason for their fears. Need I point out how many times the Republicans have betrayed us over and over again under Bush and later? This is not about tactics or strategy,it is about the fundamental question of whether the GOP leadership etal  will fight for what we believe in or simply use us as pawns to amass power for their own purposes.
To the headline I would respond by saying Republicans cannot expect our support if they betray us & compromise away our rights. Whether we should or should not support them  is another matter,it depends on how bad the particular candidate is & how great the risk of not supporting him is (in both the near & long term).
But condescension & straw men arguments will not persuade people. 


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