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Demint doesn’t like #obamacare but glad Obama got something done #teaparty #tlot #2012


RRD:Well no,Demint isn’t that consistent.Remember,socialized medicine is ok on the state level,but not on the federal level.
At least that will be the new Republican plank if Romney gets in.
I’m glad I’m a registered independent at times like these.

DeMint walks fine line on Romney health plan – The Hill’s Ballot Box


…..”When DeMint met with Romney on Thursday, he said he wasn’t bothered by the GOP front-runner’s role in enacting healthcare reform in Massachusetts that’s not dissimilar to the president’s national plan.

“That comparison is not a problem for me,” DeMint said. “I still don’t like the plan the way it ended up in Massachusetts, but I like the fact he tried to solve the problem.”….

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