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Asked how,in a nation of 310 million,the #GOP is set to nominate the one man other than Obama to sign an individual mandate into law,Cuccinelli said… #obamacare

Ken Cuccinelli | Mitt Romney | GOP nomination | The Daily Caller


….”Asked by The Daily Caller how, in a nation of a roughly 310 million people, the Republican Party is set to nominate the only person other than President Barack Obama to sign an individual health insurance mandate into law, Cuccinelli said he was “not quite sure how to answer.”

“He just outlasted everybody else up to this point,” …. ”Santorum’s not out yet, but the math is looking pretty ugly for him.”

“Really, I don’t know if he chose all of it, but he had a wonderful course of divide and conquer,” ….“I mean it was really one person at a time, which turned out to be, by and large, fairly manageable for him.”

“I think the zeal factor goes away with a lot of the activists, though — a lot of the volunteer help you want,” “There will be more of a motivational issue there, but regardless, I think the economy is going to be the No. 1 issue and the president’s performance, or failure of his performance, so while this will be important, it won’t be the top issue like it was in 2010.”…

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