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List of stories in the MSM whose theme is that Santorum endorse Romney. #2012 #teaparty

RRD:Please note that I have excluded stories put out by Conservative,or Republican Establishment mouthpieces.
Note also that this list only covers about the past week.
There are two reasons that the MSM wants Santorum gone,(and no,concern for the GOP isn’t one,& concern about the damage Santorum does to his reputation if he does not make a “graceful exit” isn’t the other).

1.They hate Santorum

2.They wish to ensure that if worst comes to worst,and Obama is defeated,that his legacy remains intact.And finally they see it as a opportunity to entrench Liberalism in the GOP.

Cracks emerge in Santorum’s evangelical support | The Raw Story


Rick Santorum edges toward the embarrassment zone – The Washington Post


Rick Santorum’s Pennsylvania primary problem – POLITICO.com


What’s Rick Santorum’s exit strategy – er plan to prevail? – CSMonitor.com


Santorum moves fuel predictions he will exit – Boston.com


Will Kentucky’s Republican presidential primary matter? | Politics and Government | Kentucky.com


Santorum fights speculation his race has been run – TheHill.com


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Romney’s Royal ‘We’ — and ‘Personal Responsibility’ – Terry Jeffrey – Townhall Conservative Columnists


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Asked how,in a nation of 310 million,the #GOP is set to nominate the one man other than Obama to sign an individual mandate into law,Cuccinelli said… #obamacare

Ken Cuccinelli | Mitt Romney | GOP nomination | The Daily Caller


….”Asked by The Daily Caller how, in a nation of a roughly 310 million people, the Republican Party is set to nominate the only person other than President Barack Obama to sign an individual health insurance mandate into law, Cuccinelli said he was “not quite sure how to answer.”

“He just outlasted everybody else up to this point,” …. ”Santorum’s not out yet, but the math is looking pretty ugly for him.”

“Really, I don’t know if he chose all of it, but he had a wonderful course of divide and conquer,” ….“I mean it was really one person at a time, which turned out to be, by and large, fairly manageable for him.”

“I think the zeal factor goes away with a lot of the activists, though — a lot of the volunteer help you want,” “There will be more of a motivational issue there, but regardless, I think the economy is going to be the No. 1 issue and the president’s performance, or failure of his performance, so while this will be important, it won’t be the top issue like it was in 2010.”…

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Romney 2002 : I’m Moderate and Progressive #tcot #2012 #teaparty

Romney: I’m Moderate and Progressive, Not a Wingnut |


….“I think people recognize that I am not a partisan Republican. That I’m someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive.”…

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Mitt ”inevitable” Romney,defeated in Alabama,Mississippi & Tennessee GOP primaries.

The ”inevitable” candidate gets rejected by the base again.

RRD:Romney stands on,and for no principle other than his “conservative case for the Individual Mandate”,and the belief that “the Earth is getting warmer”,and man is largely to blame.(fn1)

Yet despite the fact that Romney has no convictions other than liberal ones,people continue to be suprised when he keeps losing.

While some of Santorum’s Mississippi & Alabama supporters are no doubt motivated by agreement with some or all of Santorum’s platform,others,(& perhaps more than one would think),are motivated by opposition to Romney & Romney’s great ”achievement”:Romneycare.

Erikson seems to think that more of the voters were motivated by a desire to stop Romney,than by support of Santorum.

I have excerpted the key parts below,& I summarize some parts.

Romney came in third,in Alabama & Mississippi.

Not Closing the Deal


….”Yesterday, Mitt Romney went on CNN and told Wolf Blitzer that Rick Santorum’s campaign ‘was coming to a desperate end.’ That seems more apt this morning to Romney’s southern campaign.”….

…”Newt Gingrich last night proved he is neither a regional candidate nor a spoiler. ”…….”Gingrich could not win the deep south. He won Georgia and South Carolina. A Catholic yankee from Pennsylvania won Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and will probably win Louisiana. Even with Gingrich in the race, Santorum beat Romney. He was no spoiler. ”….

…” The striking thing about the exits, which over all captured the race fairly well, is that Santorum’s voters made up their mind in the last few weeks. In other words, Santorum’s voters made up their minds as Romney was winning Arizona, Michigan, and Ohio. Santorum’s vote is not about Santorum so much as it is about stopping Romney.”….

….”No doubt buoyed by exit polling yesterday, the Romney campaign made sure everyone knew they could seriously win Mississippi. By 8pm, Eric Fehrnstrom was on CNN telling Anderson Cooper that no one really thought Romney would win Alabama or Mississippi.”….

…”In heavily Republican Madison County, MS, voter turn out barely topped 7,000 voters. In 2008, when the GOP contest was done and everyone knew McCain would be the nominee, 10,500 people still turned out to vote for McCain. Yes, more Republicans turned out to vote McCain in 2008 than Romney in 2012. ”…..



Though,interestingly,the closer we move to the GOP convention,the less convinced Romney is of man’s role in Global Warming.One wonders what will happen if he gets the nomination.Will Man’s role increase again?

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