Links on whether #SOPA #PIPA will damage the internet

RRD:I have divided them into the ”it will fragment the DNS”,& ”it will not fragment the DNS”.If anyone has additional links dealing with the technical aspects of this question please post them in the comments section.I freely acknowledge this is not a comprehensive list.

The post you link to can address MORE than just the DNS DNSSEC question,but it should address it & be written by a engineer or at least cite relevant research in this field written by a engineer in this field.

I would not consult a engineer on a technical question of legal scholarship,(unless he was also a legal scholar),nor would I consult a lawyer to offer his views on engineering(unless he was also a engineer),or a Doctor on Law,or go to a lawyer to perform a MRI.

Indeed I would not go to a Heart Specialist to perform Brain Surgery as a rule.

I am posting these links for informational purposes.

I have my own views on the political questions but I want this page to focus on the technical issues.

I have absolutely no technical expertise on this,therefore I cannot tell a valid technical argument from a invalid one,so please no ”why did you publish this fools comment!Its obvious that the DNS cache can’t be poisoned in this way!”

Again this is a resource published as much for others as for myself.

Please do not address comments to me.I am not a engineer & can only try to make sense of this as best I can.

I am a blogger.

I prefer not to describe my personal background.

Comments on the technical questions are welcome but refrain from personal attacks on this page,or discussion of other issues,or I will not approve your comment,(even if it has substance in it as well).

I have set this rule because I have seen how these things can degenerate into:

”You are a pro-piracy,pro-pedophilia anarchist who wants to kill us all by abolishing all laws,all so that you can download free music and kiddie porn while artists starve while you cash your secret checks from your pirate masters”


“You are a jack-booted Nazi Communist,corporate fascist tool who receives bribes from the MPAA to spread their lies,and who wants to make us slaves and have the death squads take us to the death camps”

And on.

I do not oppose personal attacks per se(I have employed them at times),but I don’t want them on this particular page.I want to keep this page,& subsequent pages on other issues(the legal arguments pro & con,the effects on innovation pro- & con regarding SOPA/PIPA),limited to arguments about their respective issues,as a information resource.

This is about this provision of this bill.

Think of it more like a encyclopedia article,but try to explain any technical points,(as best you can),

so a layman will understand them,(& yes I know it may not be possible)

Pointing out contradictions in arguments is ok,but don’t turn it into a ”you are a lying fiend” type screed.

I have my ”moderators cap” on here.I have my own views (on SOPA /PIPA) but I will express them elsewhere.

If you have a comment to make on a particular post linked to,please take it up on the comments portion of that site,unless there is no comments section there.

Publishing a comment does not imply endorsement.

If I don’t publish your comment I have either rejected it or not gotten to it.

Note that some of these links may,or may not be obsolete at the time

I’ve posted them,or they may become obsolete over time if the bill is changed.I will entertain a brief discussion,for example,over whether the managers amendment adequately addresses the DNS blocking issue.But even if tomorrow,all DNS filtering/blocking provisions were removed from the bills,this may come up again in future laws,so it would be useful to discuss this.

And yes some are duplicative but I’m posting them in case one or more links does not work.

Those who argue it will fragment the DNS &/or hinder the adoption of DNSSEC:

A link to a letter signed by internet engineers.

An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Vint Cerf: SOPA means ‘unprecedented censorship’ of the Web | Privacy Inc. – CNET

Technical Comments on Mandated DNS Filtering Requirements of H. R. 3261 (“SOPA”)

Refusing REFUSED

Experts Urge Congress to Reject DNS Filtering from PROTECT IP Act, Serious Technical Concerns Raised

DNS Policy is Hop by Hop; DNS Security is End to End

PROTECT IP threatens the future of DNS security

Alignment of Interests in DNS Blocking

Security and Other Technical Concerns Raised by the DNS Filtering Requirements in the PROTECT IP Bill | Red Barn

Napolitano Response Rep Lofgren 11 16 11 c | Scribd

It will not fragment the DNS &/or will not hinder the adoption of DNSSEC:

DNS Filtering is an American Innovation – Innovation Policy Blog

Refusing to answer to policy reasons – The Hill’s Congress Blog

My DNS Filtering Research before House SOPA Panel « High Tech Forum

SOPA Hearing DNS Filtering Discussion « High Tech Forum

The Big  Debate on DNS Filtering and DNSSEC « High Tech Forum

DNS Filtering is Essential to the Internet « High Tech Forum

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