The Times of Israel gives itself over to Israel bashing filth

Dutch patience with the Netanyahu government is running out | Jaap Hamburger | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

….”But it does share a point of view — and quite fairly, in my opinion — which sees Israel as by far the strongest party in the conflict, creating more responsibilities and possibilities, more so than the Palestinians, to ensure a peace agreement. And, above all, Israel is an occupying force, which binds it to international obligations to end the occupation.”…

If you wish to grasp why Objectivists use the word altruism as a by word for evil this is a textbook case of what they mean by that word. The strong are to make “peace” with genocidal maniacs because the genocidal maniacs are (thank god) weaker than their targets. I have no doubt that a similar view is shared by psychopathic scum in our own country,indeed I recall that once several years ago on the Tavis Smiley show Rep.Charlie Rangel characterized the war in Iraq as a case of the Pentagon “picking fights with nations weaker than our own”. Of all the various arguments against going to war in Iraq that is one of the most bizarre.

Why is this depraved filth being published in a periodical carrying the name of Israel? One cannot,(not “should not”) ,CANNOT make peace with those who are determined to wipe out your country. One can permit them to slaughter your citizens while pretending that good is evil & evil good as this brazen psychopath does in this piece of intellectually dishonest garbage ,but one cannot make “peace” with such barbarians. For the record I supported the withdrawal from Gaza on the deluded hope that peace might somehow result. Unlike the various frauds (Friedman etal ) I was sincere ,they professed to wish to “see” what would happen,they did,& the more the Palestinians demonstrate that they do not want peace the more brazenly they & Israel’s other enemies become. Sadly given our insane nihilistic world none of this is at all surprising to me any longer.


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