Idiot /Bush: Obama Acted ‘To Protect The Country’

….” think the president got into.the Oval Office and realized the dangers of the
United States, and he’s acted in a way that he thinks is necessary to protect the country,” he said. “Protecting the country is the most.important job of the presidency.”…..

RRD: How the hell would you know sir? You profess to never have been told that our soldiers in Iraq begged for more troops and for a change of strategy, something which they had been doing for years from General Shinseki onwards,& now you claim to know that a man whose regime smuggled guns across the border into Mexico to cause the deaths of innocent people so as to have a pretext for gun control can be trusted with this kind of power? You claim not to know what went on in your own administration but now you claim to know what happened under another? What attacks did this program prevent that could not have been prevented some other way? Couldn’t the Fort Hood massacre or the Boston Marathon bombing have been prevented without using this program….Oh wait! They weren’t prevented were they? In point of fact Ft.Hood was permitted to occur because of your and Barack “shout outs” Obama’s political correctness fetish. Perhaps part of the reason that he failed to prevent these atrocities is that his administration has persistently issued reports warning of those mythical teaparty terrorists while constantly denying that Islam has anything to do with terrorism. But then you coined that idiotic slogan that Islam is a religion of peace didn’t you?


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