Vice Principal “beside the point”,whether a child’s throat would be slit /7th grader saves classmate,is punished for it. #twisters #ocra

7th grader saves classmate from bully with knife, is punished for ‘playing hero’ | The Daily Caller …..”Briar MacLean, was reprimanded by school officials for potentially saving the life of one of his fellow classmates. After defending the victim from an armed student, the vice principal chastised MacLean, saying that he should have gotten a teacher involved instead of acting quickly. MacLean told the National Post that he was in a morning class in his middle school in Calgary when he saw a bully antagonizing another student. “He put him in a headlock, and I saw that,” he said. The fight escalated when MacLean “heard the flick, and I heard them say there was a knife.” MacLean instinctively jumped and pushed the bully away from the other student and then continued about his day unfazed. “…. ….”The vice principal called MacLean’s mother, Leah O’Donnell, saying that her son was involved in an incident where “he decided to ‘play hero’ and jump in.” The vice principal added that the school did not “condone heroics,” and that the proper course of action would have been to get a school administrator to handle it. O’Donnell said, “I asked: ‘In the time it would have taken him to go get a teacher, could that kid’s throat have been slit?’ She said yes, but that’s beside the point.”

….. RRD: Somehow I doubt the child whose throat was slit or the child’s mother would agree. I have become cynical enough that I seriously wonder if the Vice Principal would not have been pleased by the child’s death. This reminds me of a surreal incident from my youth. I was frequently bullied when young,following the advice of Michael Jackson I simply decided to “rise above the fray”,and “beat it”,& “not to let it get to me” & all the other idiotic things that clueless, delusional adults tell children to do when they are young. So when a bully threatened me because “he did not like me” , I told him that I simply refused to fight him,and turned and walked away…..and was tackled to the ground & beaten up. I called for help,no help was forthcoming,so I defended myself & was THEN lectured by the teacher when she got around to intervening because “it does not matter who started it” ,because “fighting is always wrong”. I pointed out the absurdity of that cliche, pointing out that self-defense was a legal right & noted that I DID everything that I was supposed to do INCLUDING calling for help. She said,much as this clown above did, that it “didn’t matter”. She then ordered me,the victim,to shake hands with my attacker to show that there were “no hard feelings” . “No hard feelings?” I said “Of course there are hard feelings ,HE ATTACKED ME!”. At this point my bully then put on his best “all innocent” routine and graciously offered to put aside our (non-existent) dispute. Nor did I find the “boys will be boys” attitude of the (male) Principal helpful either. “Boys get into these scraps….” But I noted “we” did not “get into” a “scrap”,HE attacked me, I wanted nothing to do with him & simply wanted to be left alone yet he was continuing to bully me. To this the principal essentially told me to beat up my bully instead & told me essentially that I was on my own. I said “What is this? A school or a war zone?”. None of this made any difference as the bully remained a bully. If this is the type of insanity that goes on in American schools in a fairly reddish state, one can only imagine what madness goes on in other schools. Now we see this madness writ large both in Canada & frankly in the blame the victim mentality of the “peace process”.


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