15yr old pro- #2ndamendment girl receives _suggestions_ that she be shot from gun control advocates

» 15 yr. old Maryland girl schooled legislators on gun control » News — GOPUSA

http://www.gopusa.com/news/2013/04/09/15-yr-old-maryland-girl-schooled-legislators-on-gun-control/?subscriber=1 ….”

Online suggestions that she and her family should be shot to teach her a lesson made her think that if she were presented with such a situation, she and her,family would be in a much better position to defend themselves if they had guns than if they didnt.


RRD: Given the love of innocent life &.; the respect for dissenting views demonstrated by many liberals this is hardly suprising.

Yes,they want us dead #tcot #twisters #tlot fightingstatism


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