God save us from our allies Romney adviser urges carbon tax ,and the AEI is also considering it

Carbon Tax Idea Gains Wonkish Energy – Washington Wire – WSJ http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/11/13/carbon-tax-idea-gains-wonkish-energy/tab/print/ “Today the conservative American Enterprise Institute is holding an all-day, on -the-record discussion of the idea. And the Brookings Institution is unveiling a slate of new measures meant to make the government more effective, including a carbon tax that could raise $1.5 trillion over ten years. All that follows a cascade of carbon -tax advocacy in recent days from the chattering classes and a slate of academic work over the summer (not to mention our own two cents ). The idea of a carbon tax is simple: Put a price tag on the harmful emissions from fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, and use the revenues to fund clean -energy development, pay down the deficit or slash taxes. Proponents often describe it as a win-win-win policy, because carbon taxes would penalize things that are bad (pollution) and lower taxes on things that are good (labor and capital). ….“The time seems ripe for this discussion. The president is committed both to raising tax revenue and to dealing with climate change. A carbon tax kills two birds with one stone,” said Gregory Mankiw, a Harvard economist who advised the Romney campaign and has long pushed for more efficient taxation, including a carbon tax. The Brookings proposal would impose a $20 fee on each ton of carbon, raising an average of $150 billion per year over a decade. Congress and the president would have to decide exactly how to use the money. Research by MIT and Brookings suggests that business -related tax breaks, whether corporate taxes or taxes on investment, would provide the biggest boost to economic growth and job creation”…. RRD: First the “Conservative” Heritage foundation essentially proposes Romneycare ,then Bill Kristol urges tax increases,now a Romney adviser wants to do Obama’s work for him in finishing off what is left of our freedom & our economy. Oh,& the AEI may wish to pitch in. I voted for Romney but if you wish to see WHY many did not, it was not out of indifference to our country but fear that the Republican,Romney,would essentially do the same thing to our country.


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