Obama opens 800k acres to oil drilling…and closes 1.6 million acres to drilling

Feds aim to close off more lands to drilling, despite Obama remarks | The Daily Caller http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/12/feds-aim-to-close-off-more-lands-to-drilling-despite-obama-remarks/ …..”On Friday, the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management announced it was opening up 677,000 acres for oil shale drilling in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, and also 130,000 for tar sands activities in Utah. However, in doing so, the administration has closed off 1.6 million acres originally slated for shale development, reports the Hill, despite the president touting his record of expanding oil drilling on federal lands during the campaign. “We’ve opened up public lands. We’re actually drilling more on public lands than in the previous administration and my — the previous president was an oil man,” President Barack Obama said during the second presidential debate . “And natural gas isn’t just appearing magically. We’re encouraging it and working with the industry.” “Once again, the president’s rhetoric on domestic energy development is light years away from the real-world regulations his administration implements,” said Dan Kish, senior vice president for the Institute for Energy Research , in a statement. “The President wasted no time between a celebration in Chicago on Tuesday night and a return to business as usual back in Washington.”…


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