Son of Wisconsin State Senator assaulted for supporting Romney,Woman assaulted by White Supremacists

Son of Wisconsin State Senator assaulted for supporting Romney. HT to T.R., J.S. & Scott Holleran. Sen. Kedzie: Statement on assault of son, Sean Kedzie Sen. Kedzie: Statement on assault of son, Sean Kedzie 10/22/2012 “Early on Friday morning, October 19th, my son Sean was awakened by noises outside his residence in Whitewater. As he went to see what the commotion was about, he noticed an individual removing a Romney/Ryan yard sign from his property. He yelled to the person that they were taking something not theirs and to return it immediately. The individual returned the sign, however, a second person confronted and attacked Sean without warning. Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the face and head. He nearly passed out from the chokehold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes. Fortunately, an alert neighbor heard the commotion, scared the individuals away, and called the police. My wife and I were awakened by a telephone call from Sean’s roommate that Sean had been taken by ambulance to Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital. Sean was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital the same day. As this was a private family matter, we chose not to remark publicly about it and allow law enforcement to do their job. But we understand these types of incidents will eventually become public and questions will arise, particularly in my position as a state legislator. Sean is still recovering from the injuries he sustained as a result of this beating, and we are confident he will make a full recovery. But obviously, as parents, we are shaken by this event and very troubled it was apparently initiated and motivated for political reasons. **Attached is a photograph of Sean Kedzie in his hospital bed shortly after the beating incident in Whitewater, Wisconsin” RRD: As I have noted before, there are many cases of Leftists threatening people,attacking them,or placing them in danger through the practice of SWATting. My Response To Those Who Seek To Exploit The Giffords Tragedy #tcot #p2 #tlot #tpot #nomore | Glory to man in the highest Victim of Alleged SEIU Town Hall Assault in St. Louis Interviewed on Cavuto | Michelle Malkin » Breakthrough: Fox covers Brett Kimberlin/ Patterico SWATting, bloggers continue pressing the story RRD: At roughly the same time that this assault occured,a even more vicious assault against a 20 year Winnsboro woman named Sharmeka Moffitt was carried out by apparent White Supremacists. Initial reports that the young woman was wearing a Obama T-shirt have since been rejected by the victim’s mother. But some leftists on Twitter raced to blame,not the KKK,but the Teaparty & Mitt Romney. Black woman attacked, burned in La., Twitterers blame Romney, Tea Party | Twitchy Woman set on fire is in critical condition –, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News WINNSBORO, LA (KSLA) – Authorities confirm ‘KKK’ spray painted on burn victim’s car Posted: Oct 22, 2012 4:46 AM EDT Updated: Oct 22, 2012 7:50 PM EDT By KSLA Staff “New details are emerging surrounding the critical injury of a Winnsboro woman set on fire in a city park on Sunday night. 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt is in critical condition at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. Her mother, Edna Moffitt, says surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. “Both of her arms, and they are third degree burns, down her chest and legs – one. Basically her arms are real bad.” Edna Moffitt also confirms her daughter was not wearing an Obama t-shirt, as initial rumors on social media had indicated. ” “However, the sheriff’s office has also confirmed with KSLA News 12 that Moffitt was not wearing a President Obama t-shirt, despite claims on social media that the t-shirt is what provoked the attack. Family and friends are planning a candlelight vigil for Sharmeka Moffitt. It’s set for Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. at Civitan Park. ” RRD: My thoughts are with the Kedzie & Moffitt families.

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