Suspect in Benghazi Attack Scoffs at U.S. –



RRD: Abu Khattala called the Libyan national army a “national chicken”.
Then said:

…”Although Mr. Abu Khattala said he was not a member of Al Qaeda, he declared he would be proud to be associated with Al Qaeda’s puritanical zeal for Islamic law. “…

…”Mr. Abu Khattala, 41,….. added his own spin. Contradicting the accounts of many witnesses and the most recent account of the Obama administration, he contended that the attack had grown out of a peaceful protest against a video made in the United States that mocked the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.”…

RRD: He goes on to present the Americans as the aggressors.

As to whether the attack on the embassy was justified:

….. “From a religious point of view, it is hard to say whether it is good or bad,” …

RRD: He then went on to denounce democracy as being un-islamic,called advocates of secular constitutions “apostates” ;
& even criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for their participation in elections.

…”Witnesses, Benghazi residents and Western news reports, including those in The New York Times, have described Mr. Abu Khattala as a leader of Ansar al-Shariah, whose trucks and fighters were seen attacking the mission.”…

…”Mr. Abu Khattala said he was close to the group but was not an official part of it. Instead, he said, he was still the commander of an Islamist brigade, Abu Obaida ibn al-Jarrah. Some of its members joined Ansar al-Shariah”…

“Almost all Libyans are Muslims, alcohol is banned, polygamy is legal, almost every woman wears an Islamic head -covering. But all of that still fell short, he said, of true Islamic law.”



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