My one disagreement with this, is that this man has been consistently underestimated again and again. I have a archive of articles confidently predicting Obama’s defeat by Jack Ryan,by Hillary Clinton,& by John Mccain (” no one tied to Wright could be elected….” & ”they don’t elect enigmas to the Oval Office”)
I also have articles proclaiming that Obamacare was “dead”.
Until he actually walks out of the White House ,I will not even stop to catch my breath. If he’s defeated,he may lose it & call for riots.

sitting on the edge of the sandbox, biting my tongue

On October Julianne Moore sent me an email on behalf of President Obama’s campaign titled “making our voices heard”.  Evidently this 1%-er thinks that me and her are part of the same herd.  B-listers must feel so ignored.

A day earlier I got an email from the One titled “I want to win”.  Curious title, considering that that he wants to win is supposed to be obvious.  I always had my doubts about him wanting another term because, prior to being elected the United States president, the guy never held a job, let alone a demanding job, for four years.  He must be tired by now.

Our future President champions the idea that Obama is a nice guy, just out of his depth.  I don’t think Mitt himself believes O is a nice guy, but by now it should be painfully obvious to everyone that he is, in fact, out…

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