Obama wants your Union Dues going to support the DNC. Not a Union Member? If Obama gets his way you will be,whether you want to or not.

RRD: A few months ago,in yet another of his brazen lies,Obama condemned Right-to-Work laws as being attacks on the right to bargain collectively. Obama attacks right-to-work laws | Mobile Washington Examiner http://m.washingtonexaminer.com/article/1260861 Of course Right-to-Work laws don’t prevent people from joining Unions, they prevent people from being forced to join Unions against their will. What they actually do is to prevent a free people from being forced to subsidize the Democratic party & that is why this power lusting psychopath wants them gone. In Obamatopia we would all be forced to pay tribute to this man & his power mad gang under penalty of being unable to get what few jobs are remaining. Obama does not care about workers. Obama cares about what Alinsky told his students was the most important thing on earth ;POWER! (Alinsky would literally scream this at his students;men who in turn taught Alinsky’s methods to Obama) Individuals have the right to unionize and to strike if they wish. But there is no “right” of Unions to force people to join Unions against their will ,if they are to be able to get a particular job. Perhaps one reason people are so reluctant to join Unions is because of oh..I don’t know…the association of the Teamsters with criminals,or the fact that part of their dues will go to the DNC,or the fact that they fear that they will be intimidated or threatened by Union bosses if they actually dare to vote for someone other than the Union’s “picked” candidate. In short,Unions today are all too often headed by the Frank Kinnan (fn1) type of Union Boss (except without Kinnan’s intellectual honesty). Nonetheless Obama continued his shtick today (in that pro-union utopia the Dems choose for the site of their convention:North Carolina) & with his trademark sneer of hope derided “Right-to-work” laws as “Right-to-Work-for-less” laws. (What a rapier-like wit this man has!) So Obama is delivering a speech on the value of Unions,after his party selected North Carolina–one of the least unionized states–to be the site of this pro-union party’s convention. Obama who robbed our tax dollars to bail out GM & Chrysler,two companies which went bankrupt precisely because their Unions got their employees unsustainable benefit packages (which we must now subsidize with our tax dollars,so that the Democratic party can rake in more campaign contributions from the Unions). Why does Obama not talk about the other industries and fields destroyed by,or crippled by, unsustainable work rules and unsustainable benefits packages. Why does he not talk about the Unions’ sordid history of racial discrimination and their history of sex discrimination? Why does he not talk about the destruction wreaked on the black community by the public schools which have been reduced to a jobs program where merit is punished and incompetence is rewarded? Guess why? What type of party forces people to support it through compulsory donations? Footnotes: fn1. The Labor leader in Atlas Shrugged who led his men “to the stockyards” as serfs of the dictatorship in exchange for wealth and power.


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