McCaskill defends her useful idiot Todd Akin #tcot #tlot #gop #missouri

McCaskill avoids Akin attacks in hopes of keeping him in the race – The Hill’s Ballot Box ….”Kenneth Warren, a professor of political science at Saint Louis University, noted McCaskill’s silence on that issue. “Big time she has, she’s even been sympathetic with his plight,” he said, adding “I think she’s silent right now because I think she’s praying that Todd Akin does not drop out, because it’s her only chance of winning. She is not popular in this state.” ….”And Democrats were quick to push back against Thursday’s poll, saying Rasmussen has a conservative bias and is in cahoots with GOP party leadership in trying to pressure Akin out of the race. “Everyone knows that Rasmussen is a tool of the Republican establishment in Washington,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press secretary Shripal Shah told The Hill. A McCaskill campaign aide added that “it’s just not in line with what we’re seeing in our internal polling.” “There’s a concerted [GOP] effort to get Todd Akin to bow out,” he said. “So it’s quite a coincidence that this poll came out right after someone in his campaign said he would re-evaluate if he was down by 7 to 9 percent … we were just out [polling] in the field yesterday and it showed we’re in a dead heat.” And McCaskill herself tweeted: “Rasmussen poll made me laugh out loud. If anyone believes that, I just turned 29. Sneaky stuff.” RRD:I find it bitterly amusing that some “pro-life” politicans and individuals are so moved by their horror of abortion that they seek to outlaw it,but not enough to tell Akin that he may cost the GOP the Senate,and that Obamacare will thereby stay on the books,with all that implies for abortion.


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