To Akin’s apologists who say:what’s the big deal? #tcot #tlot #2012

1.Akin is stupid. He is very stupid.He is very,very stupid. He is so stupid ,that he said something that a 12yr old girl would not be stupid enough to say.

2. The fact that the Dems are hypocritical with their stupid and immoral people means that they should be condemned, not emulated.

3. Some of us know rape victims. His statement sickened & nauseated many of them,& us.

4. We may lose the Senate race in Missouri because Akin is stupid (or a liar) & because he refused to drop out of the race. Not because we did not pretend that “there are things about biology that we don’t know”,not because we did not “stand with Akin”,but because Akin is a moron (or evil) and he is
RIGHTLY regarded as being either a moron or evil by many people.
But never mind.
Let’s define deviancy down to the lowest common denominator.

After all Akin wants to be a Senator. Shouldn’t we care about his widdle feelings.


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