In which I Zofia “Sophie” Zawistowski deliver the Missouri Senate seat to Mackaskill #tcot #tlot #teaparty

RRD:For those who missed the allusion,it’s to Sophie’s Choice. Now that the deadline has passed and it would actually cost Akin, well…gosh, gee money,well I guess we will all have to fall in line behind this ass,now won’t we? After all if I and others won’t support Akin (fn1) Macaskill will win and WE will be to blame. We,not Akin,We not the morons who voted for Akin. We and We alone. After all,”Obama will thank us”. Isn’t that the magic spell that is supposed to shut down all debate on the relative merits of the GOP and the Dems? My response to that is to say:”Look at me,and look at Akin etal,and ask yourself if I would ever feel that my moral stature was at the mercy of something that Akin(or Floyd Ferris) did.” There may be legitimate reasons to vote for a Republican;guilt is not one of them. After Mccain self-immolated, Rush Limbaugh said that he was “through carrying other people’s water”. I made a similiar comment. I meant it. Sophie’s Choice | “The Choice” – YouTube Footnotes: fn1. I am not a Missouri resident, but one can support a candidate(or not) in ways other than voting.

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