Islamists did not win in the Libyan elections,I still oppose U.S. involvement. #tcot #tlot

Rethinking Libya :: Middle East Forum

RRD:In remains to be seen what happens in Libya,I based my conclusions on the evidence available at the time,and in hindsight my fears have not been born out(yet),but I would still have opposed American Military involvement in Libya:the purpose of the U.S. Military is not to ”bring freedom” to foreign countries.It is to defend the United States.The same rationale offered for Libya could be made for any number of countries from Iran,to Burma,to China.Still I am glad the Libyan people did not elect Islamists(unlike their fellow Arab Springers the Egyptians & the Tunisians).However we still aided ”rebels” whose members included Islamists who, by their own account, went to Afghanistan & Iraq to fight our soldiers.

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