Another #RINO #Obamacare apologist comes out of the woodwork @Amspec #tcot #tlot #teaparty

RRD:And yes they run articles against it.

Repealing Healthcare Is a Losing Hand William Tucker

…”But now that Obama has won, people are saying, “Wow, he gotten done this thing that Presidents since Truman have been trying to do. He must be pretty competent. And it sounds like I might be getting something out of it as well.”….

RRD:Why are these lies being published in the American Spectator?Don’t they have the Washington Post for this garbage?
Actually no,William the media have been shilling for Obama since BEFORE OBAMACARE WAS PASSED.And no,(as you know William),”people” aren’t saying that Obama has got something done,liberals are saying that,Independents oppose this.

As to the argument that the “undecided” voters,(some of whom never decide even at the ballot box),who have allegedly decided to support Obamacare
will decide this election,if Romney believes this,let him say so.After all the base will support him whether he repeals it or not.So he can reach out to these voters Tucker invented & let them go door to door for him.

….”So the attitude, to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, will be, “Let’s not repeal this thing before we find out what’s in it. Let’s wait and see what happens”….

RRD:Actually no again,though perhaps Tucker thinks that if he can
BS us enough we’ll forget that.

….”It is all those people who had never heard of the Tea Party who are going to decide the election.”…

RRD:People have not heard of the Teaparty?Then why do media outlets conduct polls to see what people think of the Teaparty?This is absurd.

…. ”whether it is putting a 25-year-old child on the parents’ health insurance or expanding Medicaid up into the middle class or whatever — people are not going to vote for a candidate who is promising to take it away.”…..

RRD:And yet they are.

”That’s why Mitt Romney’s initial response — “I will repeal Obamacare” — is a loser, pure and simple.”

RRD:Actually abandoning his pledge would destroy his candidacy,& possibly destroy the GOP along with him,& lead to the creation of a third party.

”It won’t be long before CNN and USA Today are running articles asking, “What is Obamacare going to do for YOU?” ”

RRD:In keeping with his theme of evading reality in the hope that we will forget it exists,we are supposed to pretend that the media has not been doing this since BEFORE OBAMACARE WAS PASSED to no avail.

…”Republicans can win this election by talking about how Obama has ruined the economy and vowing to put the nation back to work. They won’t be able to win by promising to repeal Obamacare.”….

RRD:Ah yes,the Obamacare apologists’ false alternative.
Either the GOP runs on the economy or on repealing Obamacare.
It must run on both or die politically.


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