Don't Let It Go

I need to calm down and read the darn opinion, but it seems that, although the Court was not prepared to uphold the Individual Mandate of Obamacare, either under the Commerce Clause power, or under the Necessary and Proper Clause, that they were happy to uphold it as a TAX!

This is thanks to the swing vote from Chief Justice Roberts, appointee of “compassionate conservative” G.W. Bush. Now its seems that Bush not only gave us Obama, he also gave us the Chief Justice who would be the deciding vote upholding Obama’s worst, most evil piece of legislation.

This is a prime example of the pure evil that compulsory taxation represents.

More later…

UPDATE with some further thoughts:

This also shows how everything is interconnected. Now, to fight for a free market in health care, we need to get rid of compulsory taxation. First steps towards achieving this goal: total repeal…

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