Yawn…Southern Poverty Law Center again exploits past reputation to smear Conservatives

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Shameful Attack on Defenders of Freedom :: The Legal Project


RRD:Why should we care?
The SPLC was once a ally in the fight for Individual Rights,opposing REAL domestic terrorists like the murderous KKK,and condemning actual racists.The group’s current leaders –like those of another ex-ally the NAACP–are using the past reputations of those groups to try to lend credence to their smears of conservatives as racists.Pamela Geller IS a sensationalist.But I have no reason to place her alongside Klansmen.Indeed Bill Clinton ”explained” that Robert Byrd just joined the Klan to get elected.Yet there was no outcry,no scandal,after all,accusations of racism are to be used to silence conservatives,not Democrats.

We should mourn the fact that these once distinguished organizations have come under the leadership of partisan hacks who have turned them into zombie shells of their former selves,but we should not spend too much time on them.


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