Turkish PM Erdoğan: WSJ only reported on Uludere killings because of ”Jewish Lobby” #antisemitism #xcot

Uludere was a mistake and we will do whatever necessary – Sabah English


”We understand the exploitative efforts made by the terrorist organization. We also understand the exploitation made by the BDP, because their strings are in the terrorist organization’s hands. However, it is not an acceptable situation for us to see CHP, the media and even the international press trying to exploit this tragic situation. This incident has international implications, which is namely the Wall Street Journal… What do you care? What is it to you ? Who is it that ruffled your feathers? Because they work for someone they are trying to disrupt the current administration. Why ? The current administration is on good terms with Turkey and supposedly this is a discomfort for them. Why ?Because, the Jewish lobby is uncomfortable. A conspiracy within a conspiracy. The state and the government have done more than what befalls them in regards to the Uludere incident. Nothing is being covered up.”


Turkey’s Attack on Civilians Tied to U.S. Military Drone – WSJ.com



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