Rove continues his descent into irrelevancy #2012 #tcot

Karl Rove’s first 2012 electoral map: Including “leaners,” Obama 284, Romney 172, toss-up 82 « Hot Air

RRD:Karl ”the Architect” Rove continues to become more detached from reality every day.The man who once fantasized about forging a Fifty year Republican Reign(made up of a coalition of big spending Republicans,deficit hawks,Mexican-Americans and opponents of illegal immigration no less)
now predicts that the “inevitable” Mitt Romney–allegedly the sole Republican who could beat Obama–may move South Carolina into the toss-up column.
Much as I hate Romney this is too much even for me.
The last time South Carolina went for a Democrat was Carter vs Ford.
Could it happen?
Of course.
Obama “could” win in a Reagan vs Mondale type landslide.
Or Romney could.
“Could” in the sense that these things would not violate the laws of nature
But is there any reason to believe that the state that went for Mccain in 2008 will suddenly go for Obama?
Not that I can see.
“But Rove is infalliable….”
The infalliable Rove predicted victory in 2006 in defiance of all polls.


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