Obama spiritual adviser Government a ”instrument of GOD” #tcot #tlot #aynrand

The American Spectator – Today’s Headlines – Q’ing Evangelicals


…”Maybe representative of the new evangelical is Florida megachurch pastor Joel Hunter, often cited as spiritual counselor to President Obama, and prominent on the National Association of Evangelicals. “Government Is Not the Enemy,” was the title of his talk, as he bemoaned increasing hostility to “big government.” Instead, Hunter insisted, government is an “instrument of God” with which churches should partner. “Let’s not full ourselves” that churches could feed the poor if government retreated, he opined. “Government can’t changes lives, but they have resources,” he said. “We can change lives with those resources,” he suggested, hailing government grants to faith -based charities. Hunter called President Obama a “very humble man” who reads the Bible and prays every day”…

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