Democratic staffer puts on Jewish version of a minstrel show.


Democrats’ ‘Jew Cash Money Team’ | Washington Free Beacon

RRD:First let me note–in case the reader is unaware–that I am of Jewish heritage.I used the phrase Jewish Version of a Minstrel Show,because while it may sound harsh,that is exactly what you are doing when you act out a racial or ethnic stereotype,whether out of self-hatred,ignorance,or pandering to bigots.I am reminded of the scene in “A Soldier’s Story” when Master Sergeant Vernon Waters describes how another African-American soldier pretended to be a monkey(fn1).

And if you think that I am overreacting,note that this goes beyond a jewish woman kissing money,she describes both herself,and her compatriots as ”Jewbags”,& the ‘Jew Cash Money Team’ .

But African-American men refer to themselves with racial epithets?
Oh,yes,they do.
Should they?
Should a woman refer to herself with sexist curse words?
I am aware of the argument that if a member of a minority does something,then it can’t be racist,but there is a line between using a term,like the N-word,against a racist,(“Yeah,well this N***,ain’t afraid of you brother!”),and playing the bigot’s fool,(or expressing your own bigotry).
This crosses that line.

Will there be any fallout from this?Will there be a apology, or even a response?Who knows.If a Conservative Jewish Woman had done this,we’d never hear the end of it.It would be looped again and again and cited as “proof” that all Jewish Conservatives,or Libertarians are self-hating.



IMDb A Soldier’s Story (1984) – Quotes – IMDb

…”Master Sergeant Vernon Waters: You know the damage one ignorant Negro can do? We were in France in the first war; we’d won decorations. But the white boys had told all them French gals that we had tails. Then they found this ignorant colored soldier, paid him to tie a tail to his ass and run around half-naked, making monkey sounds. Put him on the big round table in the Cafe Napoleon, put a reed in his hand, crown on his head, blanket on his shoulders, and made him eat *bananas* in front of all them Frenchies. Oh, how the white boys danced that night… passed out leaflets with that boy’s picture on it. Called him Moonshine, King of the Monkeys. And when we slit his throat, you know that fool asked us what he had done wrong?“…


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