Obama:Take a pill instead of pacemaker /RE: Obama’s ”letters praising #Obamacare” #tcot #teaparty #tlot

Obama to Jane Sturm take a pill (long version in context) – YouTube


RRD:No,I really don’t believe that Obama is concerned with the preservation of innocent life.While women are being denied lifesaving medical care in Britain,while a high ranking Government official flees Canada to come to the U.S. for his
surgery,when I know of some people who have flatly said that their family members were murdered,(their words),under socialized medicine,I am not interested in listening to Obama’s CLAIMS about the letters that he has received.He knows perfectly well that countless individuals begged,pleaded,reasoned,argued,called and protested against this
monstrosity,and he brushed them aside as if they didn’t even exist.


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