ABC had a show named “Good Christian Bitches”,are they deranged?

RRD:I am one of those oddballs who rarely,if ever,watches television.(The last tv program I saw,not counting the New Years eve ball drop,or the Charlie Brown Specials,was V the 2009-2011 series).

I sometimes wonder if I am missing anything worthwhile.

And then I read this:

Critics Slam ABC Pilot ‘Good Christian Bitches’ for ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Damaging’ Title | Fox News

Guess not.
I had not heard of this…series,until Erick Erickson mentioned it just now.
What next?
A series with “kike”,or “nigger” in the title?
But all in fun!Hahahaahaa.
After all those aren’t on the list of prescribed words either.


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