Manzullo vs the co-opted Kinzinger,Cantor sides with Kinzinger #teaparty #tcot #2012

RRD:Can you imagine what would happen with a Liberal establishment RINO like
Romney as defacto head of the GOP?As I noted before the establishment wants to purge the GOP of Conservatives,or co-opt them.
See here:

What can we expect if #Romney leads the GOP?A purge of conservatives from the #GOP . | Glory to man in the highest

Manzullo: Cantor should step down for interfering in primary – The Hill’s Ballot Box

…..”Manzullo has been helped by local Tea Party members, some of whom supported Kinzinger in 2010 but have been sorely disappointed by the freshman’s voting record. He received the backing of Rep. Timothy Johnson (R-Ill.) over the weekend and has the support of conservative national groups including FreedomWorks, the Family Research Council and a dozen others.

“Kinzinger’s only been there a few months, but he’s an establishment vote,” said David Hale, the head of the Rockford Tea Party and a Manzullo backer. “He is not a Tea Party conservative”…..


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