UPDATED Gingrich rejects advice:Why is Newt being advised by someone who will profit from implementing #obamacare ? #tcot #2012 #teaparty #tlot

Gingrich Adviser Urges States to Implement ObamaCare | Cato @ Liberty


”But here’s where Merritt’s argument really fails:

Unless and until the law is repealed by Congress or overturned by the Supreme Court, all health care stakeholders — including state policymakers — need to prepare for it as though it will be the law of the land forever. Wishing the law awayisnota strategy. Hoping that it is overturned is not a plan.

Wishing? Hoping? Perhaps Merritt hasn’t noticed, but countless Americans are pursuing multiple well-considered strategies (and working their fingers to the bone) to ensure that ObamaCare is not “the law of the land forever.”

State-run Exchanges undermine all of those repeal strategies. In fact, they completely derail one of the most promising ones. Worse, Exchanges create new constituencies that would be dependent on ObamaCare, and would therefore fight repeal — constituencies not unlike Leavitt Partners. One of the most important reasons for states not to establish Exchanges is that the federal government does not have the money to establish Exchanges itself. Translation: fewer constituencies for ObamaCare.”….


RRD:Previously I posted a link to CATO’s criticism of a Newt Gingrich advisor who urged states to implement the “health care exchange” part of Obamacare.Since then the Gingrich campaign has issued a statement saying that they disagree with this individual.

Why is Newt being advised by someone who will profit from implementing #obamacare ? #tcot #2012 #teaparty #tlot | Glory to man in the highest


Why is Newt being advised by someone who will profit from implementing #obamacare ? #tcot #2012 #teaparty #tlot – fightingstatism


Gingrich Campaign Responds: Newt Counsels States to ‘Resist’ Implementation of ObamaCare | Cato @ Liberty



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