#WikiLeaks publishes e-mails between Stratfor & Defense contractors & gov agencies.Also publishes e-mails & credit card info of subscribers to Stratfor. #anonymous #p2 #tcot #tlot

WikiLeaks Publishes Millions of Emails from Intel Agency Stratfor | News & Opinion | PCMag.com


…. ”The emails span a seven year period beginning in
July 2004 and detail Stratfor’s dealings with big corporations such as Dow Chemical, Lockheed
Martin, and Raytheon, as well as government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security
and the Defence Intelligence Agency, WikiLeaks said in a statement.
WikiLeaks did not reveal its source, but Stratfor noted in a statement of its own that in December
it suffered a breach at the hands of hacker collective Anonymous, which swiped thousands of
emails and published names, contact info, credit card numbers, and other personal data of thousands of Stratfor subscribers.
Anonymous has previously spoken out in support of WikiLeaks’ efforts.”…

RRD:Note,I receive Strafor’s free newsletter.
Fortunately I am not a paid subscriber.
I can understand why Wikileaks & Anonymous’ published the e-mails between Stratfor with the assorted companies & government agencies.
(I say understand,as in I can understand from their WRONG perspective,why they would do that.They had no right to do it,and I condemn it.)

However why they would publish the e-mail addresses of subscribers(much less their personally identifiable information) is beyond me.
Do they really think the only people who subscribe to these things are spies?
Other than myself I know of at least one other non-intelligence agent who subscribes to this publication.
He is a Pastor.
(And no I have no connection to any of the government departments or companies listed,I am a news junkie)

Sadly,David Brin seems to have been right;Privacy is dead.


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