Iranian Official explains in precise detail how Iran should ”annihilate” Israeli jews by 2014

RRD:The original article literally includes maps.

In Response to Escalating Threats between West and Iran, Iranian Official Calls On Regime To Attack Israel

….”It would seem that the article, whose publication coincided with statements by Khamenei, in his Friday speech of February 3, about the need to wipe out the “cancerous growth” of Israel, is the regime’s response to recent statements by Israeli leaders regarding the necessity of attacking Iran. While Forghani, who notes that his article expresses his own views and not necessarily those of the regime, states that Iran must take it upon itself to annihilate Israel, Khamenei has avoided pitting Iran as an active combatant against Israel, keeping his country in a supportive role of assisting other forces against Israel.

Forghani claims that Iran must take advantage of the Islamic awakening sweeping the region, which he says has paved the way for Israel’s destruction; of the passivity he says characterizes the U.S. and the West; and of the presidency of Ahmadinejad in order “to destroy Israel,” and therefore sets the deadline as 2014, which he says will be the end of Ahmadinejad’s presidency. He says that Iran must launch a preemptive attack against Israel entailing heavy military strikes from start to finish. Israel’s strategic points “must be totally annihilated,” he says, advising the regime to use its long-range missiles to this end and noting that the distance from the easternmost point of Iran to the westernmost point of Israel is 2,600 km, a range covered by conventional Iranian missiles.

Following are excerpts from the article detailing an Iranian attack on Israel, in the original English translation, which has been lightly edited for clarity

“Israel is the only country in the world with a Jewish majority. According to the last census of [the] ‘Israel Central Bureau of Statistics,’ this country has a population of 7.5 million, including 5.8 million Jews. The other ethnicities in [its] population structure are Muslims, Christians, Druzes [sic], and Samarians. The largest ethnic minorities are [the] so-called Israeli Arabs.”

“Residents of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and H[a]ifa can be targeted even by Shah[a]b 3 [missiles]. Population density in these three adjacent areas composes about 60% of [the total] Israeli population. Sejjil missiles can target power plants, sewage treatment facilities, energy resources, [and] transportation and [communication] infrastructures; and in the second stage, Shahab 3, Ghadr, and Ashura missiles can target urban settlements until [the] final annihilation of Israel[‘s] people.”…


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