Was Gelareh Bagherzadeh the #womensrights activist murdered in #Houston #tx for her activism,her conversion to #Christianity, or was it simply a random shooting

Friends believe death was politically motivated | News – Home


…”Our latest events were really, really small,” said fellow

Sabaz member Seth Eslami.

Eslami finds it difficult to believe Bagherzadeh’s activism

would have made her a target”…

Family asks for help to find student’s killer | News – Home


”Police also spoke with the man who was her current

boyfriend and friends, but they want to talk other people,

including a friend she said assaulted in her in February 2010.

According to court documents, Bagherzadeh said she was

assaulted in the man’s car, and he grabbed her hair and

forced her to kiss him. The case was closed because of

insufficient evidence.

Bagherzadeh was part of Sabaz Houston, a local Iranian

organization that supports the green movement against the

current Iranian government. Her friends describe her as

sweet and smart.

Detectives said they are coordinating with the FBI. They

said they have no reason to believe she was politically

targeted, but they don’t want to rule anything out.

“We’re looking into that possibility, but there is no indication

that it’s a hate crime,” Padilla said.

Bagherzadeh’s purse and cellphone were still inside the car,

so investigators are not sure what the motive for the killing

may be.”

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