Is it time for S.Carolina to go rogue & put the breaks on Romney?

RRD:I am not endorsing any of the current GOP candidates.

Absent a dark horse(John Mackey?John Allison?) ,I will skip the Presidential section of the general election ballot,(but I will vote in the Senate and Congressional elections).

I cannot,in good conscience,endorse any of the remaining candidates.

But I can endorse something else:slowing Romney down.

There are two reasons for this:

1.Unlikely as it is,there is a possibility of a dark horse emerging.

(Jindal has been floated fn1)

2.As Palin has noted(fn2);it provides us with time to vet the candidates more throughly.And who knows what might emerge?

So I would encourage the voters of South Carolina to put the breaks on the Romney express.Now.



Late entry dark horses: Bobby Jindal? | RedState



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