When the Tea Party Died

When the Tea Party Died


….”In 2010 even Ann Coulter was making speeches at CPAC warning that if we chose the candidate who had authored Obamacare to become the nominee, then President Obama would be easily re
-elected. She was right of course.

But somewhere along the line instead of being bold, defiant, grassroots, and in control, someone started feeding voters the meme that the man who saw to it that $50 state-subsidized abortions were included in his vision of mandated government health care, was the best of poor choices.

Even Ann Coulter 2.0 drank the kool-aid.

Worse yet the choices that are left in the race are establishment folks who ate earmarks for a living in Pennsylvania, embraced government involvement in the biggest hoax of our time–man made Global Warming, and who could forget the man that as Governor of Massachusetts raised taxes on everything from gasoline to “certificates of blindness.” (No it’s real… Look it up.)

Your humble correspondant has detailed the easy path that Obama’s forces will take to not merely defeat a Romney GOP candidacy, but to pummel him into tapioca.”…

That first tea party in DC took place exactly three days after President Obama’s joint session, where he had instructed his supporters on Obamacare to go “get in people’s faces” if they disagreed with the policy. He told his critics that he was calling them out.

I remember bringing that little point to the attention of the close to 1.2 million gathered on the mall that afternoon. The chants of “Here we are, Here we are, Here we are” rang in my ears for days.

Sadly now I wonder, “Where’d we go?”


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