Coulter’s latest imbecility:Only Romney can save us from #Obamacare & Illegal #Immigration

RRD:Romney is the republican most responsible for giving Obama the cover for passing Obamacare.He instituted socialized medicine in Massachusetts.

Yet according to Coulter he is our

Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He is also a Rockefeller Republican,so of course he will fight efforts of the GOP establishment to offer Amnesty to illegal immigrants,(rolls eyes).(fn1)

I know of some people–people whom I respect–who admire this woman.

Why,I don’t know.

If Romney is elected we will not only NOT repeal Obamacare,but we will enable the Democrats to win two victories:one on the Individual Mandate,(Romney believes it to be ”conservative”),& the other on the increasingly discredited Global Warming Hysteria.(fn2)

But don’t worry about tomorrow.

Focus on ”beating Obama”.

Then,when Romney is defeated in 2016,the Democrats can pass Cap & Trade using the same:”It can’t be socialism if Romney supports it” trick.

My goal is saving the United States.

Not having Republicans destroy it, instead of Democrats.

If you get Romney the nomination,goodbye & good luck.

I’ll not be a party to this farce.

”But you’ll be responsible for Obama’s reelection”.

I used to argue with such people;telling them ”No,those who got Romney the nomination will be responsible…”.

But I’ll bite.

I take full responsibility for Obama getting in.

Now what?

What’s your next argument?

Frankly if this country is going down the tubes,then we should at least have its killers clearly identify what their ideology is.

We should NOT provide a ”conservative” face for statism.

This is a philosophical,moral,& political battle.

It cannot be won by electing Republican versions of our opponents.

It would be better to lose,(& rebuild ultimately),then have the collapse blamed on ”conservatism”.

Romney is capable of doing something Obama can’t:He can make Obamacare,& belief in global warming appear bipartisan.

And that would marginalize us,after we have basically won the public opinion battle.

His nomination would be a unmitigated disaster.

One Candidate Is Right on The Two Most Important Issues – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative


I am not taking a position on the various immigration proposals at this time.But since Coulter brought it up,I felt the need to point out the absurdity of her claim.



Will the #Teaparty return to it’s vomit,& choose Romney? #tcot #2012 – fightingstatism

Romney doubles down on argument that state health mandate is ‘conservative’ – The Hill’s Healthwatch

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