Defender of Paul,quite fittingly,defends anti-semite & racist Pat Buchanan #tcot #teaparty

RRD:I say ”quite fittingly”,not because I believe all Ron Paul supporters are anti-semitic or racist,but because Paul has all kinds of crackpots amonst his supporters,& seems quite tolerant of Neo-confederates.

It is interesting how all the racist & anti-semitic little rats are coming out of the woodwork.Carney claims Patrick Buchanan is not a racist & anti-semite?Try Googling ”Pat Buchanan racist”.

It’s interesting how revealing this election season has been(to me at any rate,others may have more knowledge of these individuals.).

We see Coulter show her true–pragmatist–colors.We see Pajamas Media shill for Romney & attack Herman Cain.And now Timothy Carney argues that Buchanan is not a racist,& dismisses Paul’s newsletters as a ”error”.

And no I really am not part of ”The establishment”,nor am I a ”Neo-conservative” –a term which refers to a actual,particular group of Wilsonian republicans,influenced by Irving Kristol,but which is often used indiscriminately towards anyone who does not agree with their views on foreign policy by many Ron Paul supporters.

(Much in the same way,I should note,that many Neo-Conservatives use the word ”Isolationist” for anyone who disagrees with their ”New American Century” projects)

GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa


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