You can pry Flash from my cold,dead fingers.

RRD:Let me get this out of the way now:I have gone to websites with Flash hundreds of times on my smartphone.You know how many problems I’ve had with Flash?None.Zero.Nada.Zip.I am tired of being told by people that “Flash just doesn’t work on mobile devices”,it does for me.I have used it without problems on two separate phones.I have encounteredĀ  problems with videos that will not play in the Youtube app,I have encountered none with Flash. I don’t deny others have had problems,but they also have problems because some Android phones(and Webos,and Blackberry phones and Yes Iphones)are simply buggy. I am also tired of being told that I should rely on IOS video apps that can be pulled from Apple’s app store at Apple’s whim.I will give up Flash when it is no longer necessary,FOR ME,not when some cognescenti decide that I no longer need,or want it.But I have no choice?Yeah I do.If Google doesn’t include it,I guarantee you it will be available in a hacked version.My reason is not some “antiquated” love of old technology.I will gladly embrace HTML5 wholeheartedly when enough sites use it that I can go anywhere without having to worry about not being able to see videos. Flash may die,but it is not dead,and until it is genuinely unnecessary,(not declared unnecessary),it will not die.


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