Why does Pajamas Media keep shilling for Romney?

RRD:After Fleming characterizes those who actually oppose Obamacare,& those who actually oppose Cap and Trade;i.e. rational human beings,as “shotgun toting nuts who emerge from a bomb shelter”,(and pretends that Reagan never existed fn1),he counsels us to do the “practical thing” of voting for a candidate who will give Obama and the left a victory they could never win on their own by “conceding” that Global Warming is occuring and that the state has the right to force us to buy health insurance.This “practicality” is detroying this country.I am not interested in winning a battle against Obama,only to lose the war against statism;and that is exactly what Romney’s nomination will bring us.If Romney gets the nomination then the GOP needs to go the way of the Whigs. 

    PJ Media » Why Can’t the Republicans Nominate a Genuine Right-Wing Nut?  http://pjmedia.com/blog/why-cant-the-republicans-nominate-a-genuine-right-wing-nut/?singlepage=true     

Footnotes:   fn1.   I know many Objectivists,not the least of whom was Ayn Rand herself,were highly critical of Reagan.But Reagan neither sought to impose socialized medicine,nor to finish off what’s left of our rights through global warming legislation,Mccain sought the latter,and Romney did the former and wants to do the latter.


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