Dershowitz: Why Are John Mearsheimer And Richard Falk Endorsing A Blatantly Anti-Semitic Book? RRD:They’re anti-semites

RRD:Alan Dershowitz rhetorically asks why Mearsheimer,Falk et-al endorse Atzmon’s anti-semitic tract.The answer is very simple.THEY’RE ANTI-SEMITES.As I noted before: …”Imagine a African-American who described himself as a self-hating African-American,and defended characterizing African Americans as lazy-watermelon-eating-rapists-of-white-women,on the grounds that,these stereotypes told us something about a element of “The Black Character”?Imagine he circulated a paper by someone claiming that slavery was a myth?Imagine he compared the boycott of racist storeowner’s goods by African Americans,to the boycott of the goods of African Americans by racist whites?What if he argued that today’s African-Americans are worse(in any way)than the slaveholders who raped their slaves?Imagine he ascribed the murder and oppression of African-Americans(at least in part)to their “differences”,or said that “they were trying to control the country”;by fighting for their Civil Rights?Imagine the type of mind that would argue that the fact that African-Americans regard themselves as a race is responsible for racism?Imagine the type of mind that would argue that one cannot be racist against African-Americans because they are not a race! Exactly how many seconds would it take to drive that person from a university?How many distinguished historians would defend him–by saying that he can’t be a racist,since he also says non-racist things? How likely is it that Foreign Policy Magazine would permit a semi-defense of this writer,by said historian? The question answers itself. Should people argue with such a person?Should they treat this garbage as sincere intellectual discourse warranting a sincere reply? To argue with such scum is to dignify them”….. “They should,however,ask a rhetorical question of Mearsheimer:What exactly is your definition of racism?Because if the same standard used by Mearsheimer is applied toward African-Americans,then Mearsheimer should find the above statements acceptable.” “The truth of the matter is that anti-semitism has never gone away.It’s practitioners have simply become more sophisticated.” Yes Mearsheimer is a anti-semite. #tcot #jcot #antisemitism – fightingstatism RRD:There is another element involved here:a form of mild class prejudice.I have encountered people who believe that Atzmon is a anti-semite,and that “Mearsheimer and Walt promote anti-semitism,but are not themselves anti-semites”.What is the basis for such a belief?I believe it boils down to a version of class prejudice.Mearsheimer and Walt are highly educated,highly regarded scholars,ergo they can’t be anti-semites because “only the ignorant can believe such things”.The problem with this view is that anti-semitism is not the product of ignorance.The Nazis included many highly educated hate mongers.Anti-semitism was popular among such intellectuals and writers as Dostoevsky,T.S.Eliot,George Barnard Shaw etc.Knut Hamsun the Nobel Prized winning novelist was a Nazi Sympathizer.Anti-semitism is not produced by ignorance,it is the offspring of irrationality.Mearsheimer,Walt,Falk and others are not the first,nor will they be the last to tarnish their reputations with racial hatred. Alan Dershowitz: Why Are John Mearsheimer And Richard Falk Endorsing A Blatantly Anti-Semitic Book? | The New Republic

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