My responsa to a Rockfeller Republican re:”Holding our nose,& voting for Romney”


RRD:I posted this comment:   The PJ Tatler » Why ‘Anyone but Romney’ Voters Should Hold Their Noses and Think Big   “I’m relieved to hear this,it means that you won’t need my vote on November 4th.Which is good,because you will never get it.I,for my part will be starting a third party,because if, after his support for the Individual Mandate(on the state level),and Cap and Trade,Romney gets the nomination,then you can stick a fork in the GOP,because its done.It would never rise to anything other than Democratic Party-lite.And we do not need “anyone but Obama”.I went through this “electibility” nonsense with John Mccain in 2008.I will not pretend that a conservative “just can’t get elected”,the truth of the matter is that Rockefeller Republicans don’t want Romney because “he can win”,they have routinely supported RINOS like Crist and Castle &  Dede Scozzafava & Bennett.This isn’t about “electability”,its about the ideological direction of the party.”


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